Outdoor exercise to do this summer

Now that the sun has started to come out more, you should be thinking of doing some outdoor exercise. Exercise outdoors is great because your working in a natural environment that our body has been used to for 1000’s of years. It will calm you brain whilst you do a workout, instead of having music played that you don’t enjoy. In a gym that you aren’t fully comfortable in. However, these following activities will help you get fit and healthy and make you more social.

Basketball outdoor exercise basketball

Now for me I play Basketball. It might be because I’m tall and was kind of pushed into that direction as a youngster. In addition, this is a very social sport you interact with all the players on the court. It’s really easy to make friends from all walks of life. For example, if you live in an area that is highly populated. you are bound to find a basketball pick up game. There are many places around London to play and you will get along because you share a common interest. Even if you don’t speak the same language.


Football is the same as basketball in its social aspects mainly because its a team sport. Team sports are the ones where you know you will find someone that you can relate to in one way or another. You see 5 a side leagues for adults all around the country. In other words, if you went to a local pub that is showing a Match of the day. I guaranty you some of the people their play in the local 5 a side team or local football team.

Cyclingoutdoor exercise cycling

Cycling has become one of the most popular outdoor exercise activities to do. You will always see a group or club of cyclists cycling on a Saturday morning. I know that we have a cycling group in Windsor called Evotri. I see them cycling around and having a social coffee in the Windsor town centre with there club jerseys on. If you’re interested in a cycle club you should seek out a local club to you and join them or go out with your friends.


You can play Tennis at any age. I see a group of youngsters get coached all morning at Victory Field in Ascot. Whilst I do my 4 personal training sessions next door to them. After that, I sometime see a group of ladies or men use the the court to play. Tennis is one of those sports that many people love to play and watch. Also, When I’ve been in Brockwell park in Brixton they have a whole group of men playing tennis of all ages.


Running is an outdoor exercise that anyone can take part in. Even if you don’t want to run you can walk fast. I see a lot of people running especially now that it’s not as cold outside. It’s a good thing to do with your partner or friends. If you have a friend that want to get fit, invite them on a run with you. You can do continuous steady state running or intervals where you change speeds. However, you want to build yourself up to this point.

Personal training in the park

Personal training is great addition to your outdoor exercise routine. You can train with your personal trainer in the park or in your garden. You will be able to breathe and feel a lot better than you would if you went to the gym. And the location is most likely close to your home. Meaning it’s easier to fit in if you don’t have to travel. A PT will bring all the equipment needed for the session and have your routine ready to go. This will include kettlebell, TRX, medballs and many other functional training equipment.

Ascot mobile personal trainer last note

As one of Ascots mobile personal trainers, I like to encourage my clients are doing other exercise outside of contact time. I like to improve lifestyles so they can feel amazing throughout the week. Encouraging my clients to run, swim and play sports. This helps with developing a proactive lifestyle because exercising with friends encourages positive momentum. The enjoyment you get out of being with friends is much greater than if the outdoor exercise was done alone.