I have been training with David for the last 3 years whilst at Charters. He adjusts training depending my individual circumstances and has helped me with my flexibility, knee strengthand heart health. Staying fit is a must and David has help me stay mobile whilst in the south of the country and has liaised with my other trainer. With this in mind he’s put plans together for when I’m away and supported me throughout. I would definitely recommend training with David

Jonathan Snellgrove


David’s approach to training is different to other trainers I have worked with. He focuses on a change in lifestyle and has a holistic view to how training fits into your life. This combined with continually changing up your training keeps it interesting and enjoyable. I leave every session having enjoyed it even if it was physically challenging.
Chantel Hurely

Finance professional / Director

I started training with David in Battersea Park. He is an excellent personal trainer who ensured my sessions were fun and effective. We discussed my situation and my goals to make sure we meet them. I wanted to lose weight, feel happier and healthier and that’s what we achieved. 

Moonika Pritchard

Interior Designer/full time Mum

A big tribute to you, my amazing friend and trainer David Thomas. You have played the biggest role in starting my personal journey in physical fitness improvement since 2014.

I still remember meeting you during one of my volleyball sessions and asking you to train me to jump higher.

That first training session was the start of many that eventually opened, and are still opening the doors to many other sports and activities that I still enjoy doing today.

Thanks to you, I have been able to gradually build the strength required to take part and have loads of fun in physically demanding activities, which normally belong in the domain of fit people in their teens and early 20s.

Not to mention the many new and amazing friends that I have made as a result of a physically active lifestyle.

I’m a much better person today because of you and I’m confident that you will continue to transform and create better versions of people wherever you are.

Spencer NG

David is by far one of the best personal trainers I’ve ever had. He truly cares about his clients, and would regularly check on me when I’m away traveling. His consistent updates and redesigning of my sessions kept me progressing consistently. Very highly recommended.

Ziad Al-Turki


I really enjoyed the personal training sessions and boot camp classes with David. 
I feel its changed the way I think about exercise and nutrition, helping me maintain my weight loss.
David always made the session fun and interesting and always explained what we were doing and why.
Thank you
Tara Jones

NHS Administrator

My husband and I have been training with David for over two years now. We both have different needs and do different sports, and David does an absolutely great job of finding the exercises to suit us both. Every session is fun, and I really enjoy trying new exercises – I easily get bored doing same thing over again – this is why I am really looking forward to our weekly session every time as I know there will be something new!
David is always following up on how we feel during the week and checks how much training we have done – he then adjusts our weekly session accordingly. For me it is important that even if I haven’t managed much exercise/training on my own during the week, or recovering from injury, I will still enjoy and benefit from our weekend session with David.
David is always listening to our needs and offers suggestions how to incorporate certain things to our busy lifestyle. He is also flexible with training locations which is great – sometimes we have sessions in our house! 
I would highly recommend David to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer.
Ksenia Semikhatova

Regulatory Affairs Manager, RB

I went to David to add some focus to my training, particularly around core stability and functional strength training. The sessions where really tailored to my goals and where always evolving to keep it fresh and challenging. I could really see the benefits flow into my golf game.

I would encourage anyone – no matter what your fitness level, or your goals to give David a try. I have complete confidence that whether you’ve been committed to fitness for a long time and want to be pushed to the next level or whether you’re a complete beginner that you’ll be challenged to over-achieve and be thoroughly impressed by David’s dedication.

Jimmy Mullen

Professional Golfer

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