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Photo of David Thomas training with a client outdoors -

The way we look at health as we grow older is different to when we were younger. Do you feel tired playing with your grandchildren? Have you noticed a drop of energy? Do you seem to hang on to some ‘extra love’ regardless of what you do?

Your health is paramount to make a priority because without it you won’t be able to do the things you enjoy. With this in mind you want to be able to be there and have the energy to include yourself in what goes on. Your health is important and looking after yourself is a must.

We are here to help you stay healthy and feel energetic. We realise with your dedication and our expertise we can deliver you the best personal training experience that goes far beyond the number on the scale or the waist line. Although, we know that you main goals might be to lose weight. This is just one of the benefits of personal training. There are many more that you will feel throughout your journey. 

We recognise that everyone is different therefore every individual will need a specific programme to achieve their unique goals.

Here at Future Health, you will benefit from 2 forms of training: Physical training and Nutritional Wellbeing. This approach is mapped out in three stages of training.

1. Assessment

The first phase of working towards your goals includes a no obligation consultation with your personal trainer. We will then take you through a fitness assessment to see what level you are currently at and create a plan specifically tailored to you. This will take into account your current fitness, injuries and nutrition. 

2. Lifestyle Development

This is where we begin training you physically and educating you on nutrition. Based on your initial assessment, your personal trainer will devise a plan unique to your goals and lifestyle circumstances. You will receive in person and out of hours support in order to guide you along the creation of new habits and skills to strengthen your health and fitness.

3. Maintaining Momentum

The training is designed to be progressive and challenging, making sure that you are not just changed physically, but also stronger, more mobile, healthier and more energetic. We love helping our clients get more out of their bodies than they thought possible. Ensuring that everyone we work with can live a healthy lifestyle. 

Photo of David Thomas training with a client outside -
Photo of David Thomas training with a client outdoors -

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