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Remote and online training

Online Personal training

We have many individuals come to use just for online programming. There is something about having a PT programme your weekly workout schedule for you and check in with you at the end of the week. It keeps you accountable to your goals and changes what type of training you are doing to keep things interesting. Some people need that extra push in the right direction with the right knowledge to make sure they are making progress.

How online training can help you.

If you are someone who travels for work, needs specific help with sports performance or just wants more guidance. We can still help you get the results you are looking for without having to see you in person every week. If you know how to do some exercises but need more knowledge and guidance.  You can film your workout that we set out for you we’ll give you feedback so that you can improve whilst by yourself.

Online personal training will give you the ability to follow the right steps by yourself but still have access to a personal trainer every step of the way. Enabling you to stay on track to improving your fitness or strength goals. By keeping exercise a constant especially when you are in a busy season of life means you can stay fit and healthy all the time.

How we run our online programme

Once you have enquired about online personal training you will be offered a free consultation call to discuss your goals. This call can be outside the UK as we deal with international client to.  We will follow up with some questions via email to get an even better view on what you need.

We use an app called True Coach to programme our client sessions. This app can be downloaded onto your phone where you can follow your training routine once we have set you up an account. You will be able to view exercise videos, tick of your completed workouts and upload videos of exercise you need help with. Your trainer will then organise a call to see how your training is going.

Remote Personal training is available

Over the last few weeks we have been running a remote personal training service for new clients and existing 1 to 1 clients. This is due to Covid 19 where we can’t come out to see you. We run our session over FaceTime or Skype where we would like you to set up a laptop so that we can see you perform your exercises. This allows us to correct your technique is your need to be corrected. The remote service has been working brilliantly and if you are looking for help starting your health and fitness journey. We are equipped to help you out.

How you will see results.

You will be asked to do tests at the end of each cycle of training to see what results you have gained over the time we have been working together. This will be logged on the app so that you can see your progress over time.

If this is the sort of training your looking for. Feel free to give us a call or fill in the contact form.

We’ll look forward to welcoming you to Future Health Training.

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