Sarahlynn Hodder (Personal Trainer)

Sarahlynn Hodder personal trainer

Sarahlynn Hodder (Personal Trainer)

Sarahlynn Hodder offers an exclusive personal training experience for women who are high achievers, keen to add longevity, movement and vibrancy to their health and bodies.


  • Female performance & wellbeing
  • Weight management & fat loss
  • Preparing the body for Pregnancy
  • Lean muscle enhancement & toning
  • Dynamic Reformer Pilates
  • Core strength and stability

Journey To Fitness  

I’ve always been into sports (touch football, hockey, dance) since a young age, and even worked at a climbing gym as a belayer and a fitness gym. I remember working the 5am shift during the summer months while in University and being so inspired by the 5am crew who were always so HAPPY to get into the gym.. I thought it was fascinating. It was my first introduction to how powerful movement can be on more than just our bodies.  

Then, I took a detour while I went to school and became qualified as a Classroom Teacher. Exploring fitness for myself as I trained to get stronger for Rock Climbing. 

I rediscovered my passion for fitness when I moved from Canada to the UK and realized how much of a positive impact movement has on my energy levels and mindset.   

I made the career switch a couple years ago, qualifying first as a personal trainer then in Reformer Pilates.  

Training Style 

I’ve gained the reputation of being deceivingly sweet. Behind this smile, warmth and kindness is someone who will push you to your max, help you tap into your mental will power, and guide you to achieve things you never thought possible.  

I’m a strong believer in tough love meaning the work is tough, but it’s all done with love, attention to detail, and in direct alignment with your personal goals.  

What sets my sessions apart

I believe success in health is built on three main pillars: Mental – Physical – Social. With this in mind, I always go the extra mile in ensuring that I understand not only what my clients want to achieve physically, but WHY they want to achieve it, how it will make them feel and What that will look like for them in a social context. By delving into all three of these foundational aspects I can ensure that my sessions are tailored to each person’s fitness goals and I know how to tap into their Why Power to help them push through when the going gets tough.  

Why I like to help people 

Fitness is more than just looking a certain way or training with certain A-list people. Fitness is about the physical, mental and social strength we gain when we dive in to something that pushes us outside our comfort zone and we grow resilient and confident in our own capacity to succeed. 

Helping people with all sorts of fitness goals has given me the humble view that Humans are incredibly resilient and powerful. It is a true honour to work with someone during such a vulnerable time – fitness is change and change is hard. I am privileged to be apart of this journey.   



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