Corporate Health and Wellbeing

Corporate Health And Wellbeing

As a company offering corporate health and wellbeing to businesses who have teams that they need to look after. Our corporate health and wellbeing programme offers your employees the knowledge to live a healthier work life. By concentrating our talks and sessions on Nutrition, daily exercise, desk based mobility and wellbeing.

All companies are different and will require a different package, once we have met with your head of HR or owner of the company. We will asses what we think is needed for the business. Our conclusion will come from how the employees spend their work day. If they spend it out on the road driving to destination or if they are in the office. We will also ask about your office culture to see what we can help with from nutrition to making sure people get active throughout the day to stimulate the body and brain.

How can mobility and movement help?

If you have an office culture that does seem to move throughout the day. This can have a great impact on the latter part of the day. A simple 30 minute walk at lunchtime can stimulations the body and the brain so that working after lunch feels more productive rather than a slump.

This also can be said for the lack of mobility in people. Tight muscles can have implication from back pain to stress. This comes from sitting down for long periods of time. It can tighten up the posterior chain muscles putting pressure on the back causing pain. Stretching for 15 minutes at lunch time can minimise the pressure on your back by relieving pain. We like to help workers develop their daily flexibility and mobility programme. In modern life everyone should have one to keep them mobile.

Food and nutrition throughout the day.

We all know that in the office there is a biscuit tin and cakes that are brought in my colleagues. If someone doesn’t bring in a healthy lunch they will find that by early afternoon they will be hungry. Causing them to reach for a biscuit or five to keep them going. What they will notice is that they will start to feel tired. This is the insulin spiking which starts you of feeling even hungrier.

What we like to educate and advice employees on is how to eat a good fulfilling breakfast to keep them going until lunch. Which also allows us to advice them on what sort of foods are good for lunch to keep you going throughout the afternoon without feeling tired. Making them more productive and healthier all round.

Fitness and wellbeing outside the office

We at Future Health Training like to promote a healthy lifestyle outside of the office. This can be educating you with different forms of exercise, activities, sleep, food, and general wellbeing. Knowing that your employees are fit and healthy outside the office tells you as a business owner that you have a healthy team. Healthy people make productive employees helping you decrease the amount of sick days and increase what they are capable of doing in the working day.

Looking after your teams

If you look after your team they will look after you. Lots of big business have wellness programme to keep their teams and employees healthy. This is what we offer, we want to help you better the office lifestyle so that you have positive people in your office who want to be there.

If you are interested in knowing more about our corporate health and wellbeing  talks and programs feel free to contact us on through our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.


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