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As leading personal trainers in Sunningdale we like to make sure that you know how our personal training sessions will work. We know from our experience that every induivudal is different and therefore will need a different way of training. This all depends on you and what information you provide to use. All this information is confidential and is there to help use work with you in the most effective way possible. The more that you tell use about your goals and needs the more we will be able to help you.

Why chose private personal training

If you have tried training by yourself in the past and haven’t found the result that you want. There can be a number of different reasons for this. You may not of been following a plan suitable to your body, age or you might not have been training in the right way to stimulate your body in the correct way.

We at Future Health Training like to educate and guide you so that you know what your body needs in the right time of life to maximise results. This bespoke way of training will allow you to stay healthy for the rest of your life. Knowing what your body is capable of is an amazing feeling and we want you to be able to keep this feeling throughout your life.

Personal trainer Sunningdale

How our PT sessions work

Once we have had the consultation and you are ready to start training with your Sunningdale personal trainer. We will organise a times and days that suit you depending on what trainers are available. Once we have established these time and days we will make sure that you have the equipment at home or we will bring equipment that is needed for the session.

We also have a private studio space in Ascot that can be used throughout your training with us. Ask us for more details on this if you prefer to exercise privately away from your home. The studio is a large space with all the necessary equipment for a great workout. 

One the first session we will asses your movement and ability to see what we are working with so that a plan of action can be set. We will see what information we would collect to see your progression. This can either be through circumference measurements, pictures, distance, weight or feeling. Everyone will be different with these so we will chose which ones suit you the best pending on you as an individual.

The session structure can look like this:

Warm up and activation – as the beginning of each session you will warm up using movements that you will use during the main workout. The Activation exercises will activate certain muscles so that your body is ready for the main lift or exercise.

Main lift or exercises – These are the movements that we will be focusing on targeting areas of the body or strength production depending on your goals. You will always do the most technical movements first.

Accessory work – this type of work will be done to strengthen other part of your body where you might have weaknesses or muscle imbalances. These help your body get stronger to be able to perform other main movements.

Cardio stimulus- this stimulus come at the end of a session once your body has gone through the strength phase of your program. Your body will be safer and more able to use this time to burn fat once you have gain a relative amount of strength to keep your body free from injury.

Cool down stretch – We know that flexibility and mobility is a big part of how the body feels on a daily basis. This is the time we will focus on improving your flexibility on areas you need to loosen or mobilise.

Are you ready to start your fitness journey with a personal trainer

Once you have read through some review on our google page and read through how we work. You can either give us a call on 07826 442271 or contact us on our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.


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