David Thomas (Personal Trainer)

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David Thomas, Founder & Lead Personal Trainer


David Thomas is an experienced personal trainer and has been working in the fitness industry for over a decade. His experience has provided him with the skill set to create results-driven plans for clients in Surrey, Berkshire, South Buckinghamshire and London. He targets his training towards individuals who see the value in health and fitness for long term gain, rather than just a quick fix. He believes that we should develop our health throughout life to be able to enjoy it way into the future. 

Who does he work with

He works with many business leaders, celebrities, retired athletes and professionals from all kinds of backgrounds who know that they need to keep fit and healthy. As we can get trapped in today’s popular belief of ‘work hard, rest later’, our health can start to decline. David provides a mobile personal training service to keep his clients fit and healthy so they can keep living and working effectively. His programmes combine healthy eating, exercise, mobility and stretching, in order to achieve overall health. He is a strong believer in looking after your body from all aspects of life not just exercise and nutrition. 

Why is he a personal trainer

He has developed this niche concept Future Health Training working with people who want to live a better life. All of whom have reached a point in life where they need to change how they look after their health so that they can stay and feel healthy. David wants to help people live longer by living a healthy lifestyle and eating a balanced diet. This lifestyle that David promotes makes you stronger, cardio fit, mobile, energised and mentally able to take on anything. 

He makes sure that every client receives a personalised service that is specific to them. During the time with his clients David likes to make sure that you are happy with the process of personal training by going through how it’s going to work and answering any questions you may have throughout, allowing for a client-centred focus. You will be developing a relationship that will keep you fit and healthy.

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