Personal Training in London

Are you looking for a mobile personal trainer in London to help you at your home or office? At Future Health Training we offer bespoke personal training programmes that will help you get stronger, fitter and more mobile. 

Future health Training offer top quality personal training to individuals and groups in London. We have experience working with corporate businesses and London executives looking for something different to add to their day to day lives to improve fitness and mobility. 

Sessions are structured towards the ability of the individuals in the group or private personal training client. Each hour-long session is design to fit the individual to allow them to progress in a safe but challenging environment.

The training programmes include a mixture of weight training, body weight movements, TRX training, mobility drills and cardiovascular techniques to challenge you out of your comfort zone. Focusing on improving the way you feel as well as your body composition.  

When we work with office workers we like to work on more than fitness. We take into account what office work does to the body and how we can improve posture and back pain. Back pain can put a great strain on the body and can impact self-esteem of people in the office. By improving the knowledge of your employees to know what to do when they have back pain will naturally improve how they feel coming into work.

What can a London mobile personal trainer help you with?

As a mobile personal training company, we offer completely private sessions so that you don’t have to leave your home or office to improve your fitness. Sometimes people are put off by big gyms especially if you are a private individual. We discuss the best way to train you whether that is designing a gym space at your home through GYM DESIGN CO LTD or organising sessions at your home.

You can reach all your fitness and strength goals by using just your body weight. If we think other equipment is needed we either bring it with us or get you your own set of specific equipment to help you with your exercise sessions.

If you are looking for a personal trainer in the central London area that is private. Who makes sure you reach your goals and makes your fitness a lot more efficient during the day. Saving on precious time to make sure you can focus on other important factors of an executive’s life. We would like to discuss how to do this for you.

Why fitness can help you as a London executive 

If you’re a London executive or CEO you won’t have much time during the day to improve your fitness. However, fitness can keep your brain and body in the best condition to deal with stressful situation and difficult tasks. If you use a gym it takes time to travel, workout and then get back. Which can take up a lot of time during your day. Especially in the London rush hour, it could be 3 hours out of your day.

By having a personal trainer come to your home in the morning or office during the day. It will only take up to 1 hour out of your day. Saving you 2 hours to dedicate to other tasks. Time is something you can never get back so using it wisely is important if you live in London.

For a free consultation and training advice please contact Future Health Training to start your health and fitness journey.

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