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With a Future Health Training mobile personal trainer in Ascot and Sunningdale helping you stay accountable towards your goals, your future never has looked healthier! By focusing on what matters to you the most we can provide you with the knowledge and support that you need.

We like to get to know you as an individual from the outset so that we can help you in the best way possible. In the many year of training people it is apparent that it’s the small things that can have the best impact. Therefore, getting to know what you like and dislike is a key to success. If we get the small things right from the beginning. We can continue improving and getting better as a team.

Focusing on your strengths and well as weaknesses is a part of personal training with us. We can turn some of your weaknesses into strengths with practice and patience to improve at a sustainable pace.

We know that if we make you feel comfortable trying new exercise. The success in your journey will come even quicker. Making it challenging but rewarding at the same time. 

The studio is also a great place to train if you are looking for a change of environment. It is equipped with all the equipment to get stronger and fitter. This space is cool in the summer with the air conditioning and warm in the winter. Overall the best private studio to start your fitness journey with Future Health Training. 

Mobile Personal trainer ascot

Our personal training approach

Future Health Training takes on a holistic approach, allowing you to feel stronger, healthier and happier, longer! It is our mission to help people feel fit and healthy without it feeling like it is hard work or boring. Making you want to keep going because you see what your body can do.

We provide you with private sessions at your home as well as outside of the contact hours support with Ascot’s best health professionals. If you prefer working out at a gym or out in the open. This can be organised, just make sure you as during the consultation when you book.

Ascot has a number of great outdoor facilities that are great for training. These include Victory Field, South Ascot Park and Ascot Racecourse. If you would like to start your fitness journey with Future Health Training contact us today.

Also if you would like to see some of our reviews on Google to see what our present clients are saying about us. See our testimonial page.

What goals do you need help with?

  • Improved health
  • Improved movement
  • Increase energy levels
  • Weight loss
  • Strength
  • Muscle and hypertrophy
  • Physical fitness
  • Menopause
  • Mobility

Do you need help with any of the above? Contact us today so that you can start discussing how we can help you and what the next steps are.


Online training for the frequent traveller

If you are a businessman or women, celebrity, athlete, executive or busy person living in Ascot or Sunningdale who travels frequently and needs help with fitness whilst away. We can help, as well as mobile personal training we also offer online personal training. We make sure that you still receive a bespoke service when we programme your workouts whilst you are away. You can download our programming app where you will see what we have designed for you. Its easy to follow with videos and detailed information.

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