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As the friendliest mobile personal trainers in Windlesham and all of northern Surrey. We have been working with private individuals at their homes and private gyms for many years now. Bespoke personal training is for the individual who want to take a deeper look into their health and fitness to find out what really works for the body and age. We will start to help you to move more freely and focus on your goals that you have. Our type of training is specifically based around what you need and want.

The first stage of bespoke personal training

Personal training is very private and you will have to let us know the real truth about what you are looking for so that we can help you achieve it. Whether that is working on a certain body part, helping you lose weight or getting stronger to perform better in your chosen sport. We like to get to know you as an individual so that we can treat you like a human being and not just a number.

During the in depth consultation we ask you many questions to find out more about you and where you might need to adapt things in your lifestyle. However, this is also a time for you to get to know your personal trainer. We like to be asked questions to during this time feel free to ask any questions that you might want the information too. This could be about us as a personal trainer or even information you may want answers too.


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What we offer

Strength Training – If you are looking to increase your strength or muscle mass there are certain areas you have to start on. The first thing we will work on is your foundation of strength and movement. This will help you build on each strength training exercise so that you take away the rest of injury or muscle imbalances.

Weight loss – With weight loss you will start with a strength training structure so that your body will be strong enough to be able to lose fat. Once you have completed this phase of the training we will add in HIIT training and other forms or cardio to help the body loose fat.

Sports specific training – If you are an individual who loves your sports and want to either get faster, jump higher or become more agile. We are able to work with you on these specific goals teaching you plyometric and speed drills that will increase your sport performance.

Mobility – once you hit 40 you will start to realise your immobility as you start to get tighter muscles. This is part of getting older. However, you can help it with mobility and flexibility exercises. We track your progress with images and movement to help you feel more mobile. We use yoga and flexibility techniques to make sure your body stays mobile.

Female health – female training is a completely different with our approach because as a personal trainer we have to think about hormones and postpartum issues. If you are looking for training before or after pregnancy we can help with weight loss and diastasis. This is a great way to restart your fitness journey after pregnancy.

Your next step

If you’ve read our reviews and would like to talk on the phone to see if we can help you. Please feel free to contact us on 07826 442271 or email us We would be happy to discuss your goals and see if personal training is for you.


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