What sort of strength training should I be doing for my martial art?

If you do any type of martial art you will want to build up a solid foundation of relative strength. You will want to be powerful and fast with your kicks and punches. There are many principles you can adapt to be able to be a stronger more powerful athlete. If you implement a training program to strengthen the body 2 times a week. This will have a great effect on your performance as an athlete. It will also make sure that you minimise the risk of injury. Therefore, you will have the confidence to try new techniques in your general practice.

Building a strong foundation of strength

If you’ve never been to a gym or done any strength training to complement your martial art, once you start you will want to of started sooner. You will be amazed at how much more powerful you will become. During your training your body will develop like it hasen’t developed before. It will be like you’ve been reborn. As long as you make sure that you are lifting the right weights and doing the correct movements in the correct way. You will build the best foundation. Your coach or personal trainer in Virginia Water will make sure that you start to get two know the movements using lighter weights and then build up from there with a periodised program. This will get your body to respond better long term.

Movements to practice

There are many movements to practice. However, I would keep it relatively simple in the beginning. Start by practicing the compound movements that are going to make your body stronger as a unit.

  • Squat
  • Deadlift
  • BB Bench Press
  • Shoulder Press
  • BB Bent forward row
  • Pull ups
  • Press ups

Once you’ve been practising these in your periodised plan you will also want to add some accessory work to your training. To strengthen your core and single limb movements to help with muscles and strength imbalances. As long as you don’t have an ego when you lift and you do the lifts and movements in your conditioning with focus. You will gain strength and more balance. You want to train your full body in each session because you are using your full body in your sport.

Balance and power

As you know your martial arts is all about weight distribution through your stance. It’s important and this is were you balance it crucial. For example, you need to balance to distribute a powerful hit without falling off your position or losing balance. Adding some different variations of movements into your routine can be beneficial. This sort of practice can be done in the warm up to activate the muscle that you are going to use when strength training.

Coaches tips:

I would highly suggest you make sure you hire someone who is going to help you with your training program. There are certain exercises done at specific speeds that are going to be great for you. However, if you train the wrong way you might not get the outcome you want out of training. Especially if you get tight muscles or to big muscles that will impact your movement in your martial art.