Personal trainer: how can they help your training?

When you are a Windsor personal trainer and you have a strong client base. You as their trainer want to help  them stay fit and healthy all year round. There are many ways of doing this and as there trainer you should do them every week. You will that not every client is the same in what service they want provided to them. However, if you keep these following principle up you will have no problem with your clients staying healthy.

  • Check in with them on the days they aren’t training. This is a good way to keep them going and to check if they have done the other programmed sessions.
  • Inspire them with new food options, trough messenger or email.
  • Check how they are doing mentally, this can have a direct impact on how the training sessions should be set out.
  • Let them know about what training you do as a trainer.
  • Let them now about what food you eat on a regular basis.
  • Last but not least keep them going because consistency is key.

Different approaches by a personal trainer

All of my client are different and there for I approach each one of them in a different way. This comes from the very first time I meet them during the consultation. As we discuss likes and dislikes, it is a good idea to find out about what they need from a personal trainer. you as the trainer will sense what they need from you and how to approach them. Some need you to set out a programme and they will do it and some need you to push them and keep them on track throughout the process. Either one will receive a bespoke plan based on their needs as a client.

Where to starts?

I know that the best place to start with you as my client is slowly at the start. Of course this all depends on your ability to train. However, I’m basing this off of the majority of people who have just come into training and want to help keep their bodies healthy. When you start slow it gives the body time to adapt to the new training programme. If you go into fast you could hurt yourself and it won’t be good for the foreseeable future. Therefore, your trainer will make sure everything is progressive with time. Which in the end makes your training consistent and reduces the risk of injury.

The other aspects of training with a personal trainer are that they will change your lifestyle habits. You will have good habits and bad habits. The tough part is enforcing the good habits and reducing the bad at first. Then introducing new habits to over take the bad ones. These can vary from eating your vegetables to training 3-4 times per week. There is a lot of technology on the market to keep these lifestyle changes on going. For example, Fitness watches that track what you do in a day and apps that track your food intake. These can keep you accountable to your goals.

Looking for a Windsor personal trainer?

Getting your health and fitness on track can be tough, you can read all the book and do all the diets but if it isn’t consistent it won’t help. In my experience as a Windsor based personal trainer the key is to learn from the fitness professional and implement your learnings into everyday life. So that you can be fit and healthy. If you are interested in personal training, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today so that we can discuss your goals and set up a free consultation.