Welcome to our new personal training site

What is Future Health Training?

Future Health Training is a personal training company in Windsor set up by David Thomas to help individuals who are 40 and above with their health and fitness. Over the last 8 years David was work with many people who are in there 40’s, 50’s and 60’s with all sorts of different needs to exercise. The result is that many people don’t think before they exercise. They just think they are still 20 and this is where is can lead to injury.   The way you have to exercise at you get older changes. There might be some underlying issues that need to be addressed. For example, back pain or knee pain from a weakness left by an injury that has never really improved.

This is where we come in. We make sure that your body is strong again so you can go on those runs you love. Making sure that your body is mobile so you don’t increase tight muscles as you work long hours at the office. We also make sure that your cardio vascular system (Heart) is healthy so that you can still keep up with your kids when they want to play football or run around the park with you.

What are we going to be writing about?

The subjects I’m going to be writing about on this blog are for people wanting to better their lifestyle through fitness, Nutrition and mobility. I will be going into some depth about certain injuries you’ll want to made aware of and how to prevent yourself from making those worse or getting them in the first place. You will also see post about nutrition and the different foods you should be eating to help with exercise.

As the most active people in the UK are in there 40’s and 50’s who love to cycle and run. I will also be adding posts that will help them improve with strength and conditioning in their chosen events.

How personal training works with Future Health Training?

If you are someone who hasn’t ever had a mobile personal trainer this is how we operate.

  • Once you have sent us an enquiry we will get in contact with you. To have a small discussion over the phone or email. We will also organise your free consultation. We like to create some rapport before we meet you in person so that it makes you feel more comfortable.
  • At the consultation we discuss goals you have and work out a strategy that works for you. During this time, we also have some time to get to know you. As well as answer any of your questions you may have.
  • Before we leave the consultation we either organise a day you’d like to start.  If you’re not sure you can go away and think about if it’s something you want to go ahead with.
  • The first session we will usually arrive early so we can go through some testing and data collecting. We bring all the equipment needed for the session unless you have equipment at home.
  • We deliver the session making sure you are comfortable on how everything is going. Then we leave having delivered your first personal training session. Making sure you have been stimulated and stretched before we leave.

Can we help you with your fitness journey?

If you feel that we are the personal trainers that can help you with your fitness or nutrition. We train clients in Berkshire, Surrey and South Bucks. Feel free to contact us for your free consultation.