Fitness! Where to start

Starting to work on your fitness is important for everyone. You need to be fit and healthy to be able to enjoy life. The good things in life require a good amount of fitness. Your ability to walk or play a sport you love with friends requires you to be fit. You need to start by slowly building up your stamina and fitness with the simple things. For example, walking or cycling to work. If your work is reachable by bike or on foot then your should leave a 20 minute or so earlier and walk. To be honest if you cycles to work you might even get there earlier than if you drove. you could also benefit from the cycle to work scheme.

What is fitness?

Fitness is your own ability to increase your heart rate without getting to out of breath. You will notice that your breathing is faster and your heart beat is faster when exercising. The more you increase your heart to a higher BPM  each week the fitter you will become. Fitness also required you to be strong, so make sure that your muscles are strong enough to do day to day tasks without feeling tired. The last part of fitness is to make sure your muscles are mobile and flexible. So that they don’t cause you any discomfort during any part of the day.

Start some light cardio

Try and increase your hear rate at least 3 times a week to 60% of your maximum. This will enable you to not get out of breath just walking down the road or running for the bus/train. You can find out your maximum HR by subtracting your age from 220. Then take 60% of that and try and get to that point. You can do this by walking, cycling, jogging, playing a sport or exercising with your personal trainer in Windsor 

Keep your muscles strong

Being strong is your ability to perform daily tasks without feeling pain or discomfort. Wouldn’t it be great if you could pick up something relatively heavy and it not feel that heavy? This is what keeping your muscles strong should feel like. You don’t have to be a huge muscle bound person. However, muscle are good and the more you work them the strong they will become. Besides, they are what makes you burn calories.

Start with doing some body weight exercises that challenge your body. Build your strength up until you feel you need something a little harder. Start to add in some weight and do them slowly to challenge the muscle. Do your strength training 2-3 times a week making sure you train the whole body in each session. This makes sure you stimulate the muscles in your body more that once a week.

Eat healthy food

To complement your new fitness regime you have to eat a healthy well balance diet. If your goal is to lose weight or gain some strength. 80% of the effort is in what you feed your body. You have to make sure that all the right foods are in your diet. So your body is fully nourished to grow muscle and lose fat. Because now it doesn’t need to store fat anymore due to you having enough healthy fats in your food. Don’t go on any fad diets just eat healthy foods that are natural. It is what your body craves.

Last note:

So just to recap

  • Start getting your heart rate up to 60% of max HR
  • Keep your muscles strong by doing 2-3 strength training sessions each week. Making sure you stimulate the whole body in each session.
  • Make sure your body is mobile and flexible.
  • Eat a healthy diet.

If you implement all these point you will start to see a great difference in your health and fitness. You will start to feel better and life will definitely not feel as hard.