10 reasons to do weight training as exercise

There are many reasons to do weight training. Therefore, I’m going to tell you 10 of them below and then hopefully it will make you think before you just do cardio training in the gym. Similarly, all exercise is good for your body because you are moving. However, Some exercise stimulates the body in other ways. Weight training stimulates specific muscles on your body.

1. Increases muscle mass

The more you stimulate your muscles through weight training the bigger they will become. Although, you won’t blow up like a bloon and get really big. There is a certain size your body wont get to. This is due to different hormones being in your body. As well as, the amount of food you are eating. These point will restrict the muscle size.

2. Increases strength

Weight training will increase your strength because you will be able to lift heavier objects. This will naturally make your body better at walking and running because your strength can support your weight more.

3. BMR goes up

This is one everyone is interested in. BMR is your Basal metabolic rate, meaning the amount of calories your body burns just by living and sitting down. The more muscle you have on your body the more calories you will need just to function. Therefore, the higher your BMR the more cals you can eat without gaining weight in terms of fat.

4. Muscle pain decreases

You muscle will feel stronger making your body less painful because the muscles keep your body’s posture in the correct position. This come down to your core which is the muscles supporting your spine. With these muscles strong they will decrease the amount of back main you get.

5. Helps you lose fat

The training that you do will enable your body to burn more fat. If you have more muscle there will be more cals to burn. Therefore, throughout a training session you can burn 400 calories. However, your body will continue burning cals hours after the training session. This doesn’t happen as much with cardio training.

6. Increase in balance and stability

You will feel more stable and balanced on your feet. The muscles being stronger meals you will have more stabiliser muscles that are being trained. This helps as you get older and you feel a little of balance at some points. If you keep your muscles strong, you will feel less of balance making life easier in general.

7. Range of movement increases

The range of movement increases as you start your weight training. This is due to you working the muscle through the whole range of motion on a regular basis. Although, you must stretch your muscles in the cool downs to stay more flexible.

8. Makes you more athletic

Athletes in the 21st century have been using weight’s as a way of increasing their athletic performance. Making them faster and more agile. And this can be the same for you, if you like to play sports like Tennis, Football, Cycling or Squash. It will give you the ability to perform better as a whole.

9. Makes you feel better about your body

We all know that training in all ways makes your muscles more pronounced and you look better naturally. However, it isn’t just your body form the outside that will look good. Your inside of your body will fell great, die to the endorphins flowing through your body and there being more oxygen distributed. It will make your body feel more alive and active.

10. Lowers your blood pressure

Weight training and a contribution of aerobic training can be the best way to decrease blood pressure. Hypertension  can be managed by using moderate weight training and cardio training. By doing 3 sessions a week it can decrease the blood pressure massively.

Personal trainer’s note:

As a Virginia Water based personal trainer who trains clients all over Berkshire, Surrey and South West London. I use weights with every one of my clients. I get great results when the training programme is followed with a balanced healthy diet. If you feel like you want to start training, I would suggest you hire a knowledgable personal trainer to help you.