White Cube for private personal trainers

I went to White Cube Fitness a private personal training gym in Chobham this week. I was introduced to the White Cube by Amy Quelch and was shown around by Paul Stead. They were easy to get on with and very friendly. If you are a Personal trainer you won’t be pushed into taking any deal or contract. It’s simple, you buy sessions for and take your clients.

It is a personal training gym with everything you need for a great PT sessions. It has lots of space to do free weights and other movements. If you are looking for a gym with private personal trainers this is the place to go and look at. I will use this gym with some of my clients in the winter season. When the training plan starts to change and progress or when it gets cold outside.

Who is it for?

White Cube fitness is for local personal trainers to use without a sign in contract to a gym. I have a client base in Windsor and Ascot so it works perfectly for me and it will work great for you as a trainer too. If you work in a commercial gym and you’re paying them high rents this can be a new home. If you take a leap of faith, I’m sure it will pay off for you. With more freedom to train who you want without restrictions. Also the White Cube advertises for you on their website. Which is a bonus if you have your own website.

There will only be 5 trainers and their clients aloud in the gym at only one time. which means you will have plenty of space for you to workout without feeling overwhelmed. You will also find that you will be able to hear and talk to your trainer without them or you having to shout.

Who can go there?

If you are looking at training here you will have to go with a personal trainer. So if you look on the website you will see a number of trainers with different expertise to choose from. Or if you have a trainer at the moment and want to train at the facility. You can ask your trainer to sign up. It will be more expensive for you to train in a private gym. However, if you have clients who like the idea. The luxury of having a private gym can help them get to the next level. Especially if they dislike the big gyms and are at the beginning of their journey.

My own view on White Cube Fitness

When I walked into the facility it was clean and all the equipment was up to date. It was light and spacious with a friendly feel. Whereas, if you were in a commercial gym these might not be as consistent. It didn’t have the feeling of walking into a big gym and feeling like everyone is looking at you. With all that in mind, it is a great environment for your client to grow in their health and fitness journey. If you are in Ascot looking for a personal trainer to train you at White Cube Fitness. Contact us today.

How do you feel about training in a private facility?

So, as long as you have one of us a a personal trainer you will be able to visit this gym. After we are allowed to go back to training in Gyms this will be a great place to start training. It will have less people around as it will just be you and your trainer and maybe other trainers training there clients. However, the amount of foot traffic will be less than a general gym. Although other personal trainers will be in there they will have a cap on the amount of trainers allowed in at once. Giving you peace of mind to train in a safe space with up to date equipment and the knowledge of your PT to workout effectively.