Cheese & mushroom omelette with a side salad

Today’s Monday meal is something that can be put together with the every day essentials in the house. Eggs, cheese and some veggies. These foods are always in my food shopping because you can make so many different things from them. So this cheese & mushroom omelette is something I put together when I don’t have anything else in the fridge and if I want an easy night of cooking. As humans we get that way, We either have a hard day or are really tired and we just don’t feel like cooking a big meal.

Having these sorts of meals in your arsenal is great. The more you work the more you will find yourself cooking them. The good thing about them is that they are heathy and have good nutrition value. Perfect if you ask me.

What to buy

  • 4 eggs
  • mature cheese
  • mushrooms
  • rocket leaves
  • tomatoes
  • spring onions
  • coconut or olive oil

Put it together

  1. I usually have two small omelettes, 2 eggs in each with some cheese & mushrooms. So what I do is have two bowls with the eggs whisked.
  2. Fry the mushrooms in a separate pan so the omelette doesn’t turn out watery.
  3. Once the mushrooms are done I start to fry one omelette at a time. Once it’s half done I add the cheese & mushrooms. Fold it over once cooked and place it on the a plate. Repeat this with the second omelette.
  4. Through some rocket on the plate, cut up 2 spring onions and 4 baby tomatoes. The salad and the omelettes are ready to eat.

Last tip:

As a personal trainer in Windsor, I work evenings and that means I get home later than everyone else from work. Which can be hard if you want to have a nutritious meal at the end of the day. It’s not very day I get home late. But 4 days out of the week I do. This means I have a lot of the types of meals. Sometime I batch cook on the weekend to make the week easier and sometimes I just do small meals. They still have a high nutritional value and are all healthy. Being healthy is a choice of mine and it can be a choice of yours. You just have to put in the effort to see it happen. Build strong habits and you will see results.