Increasing vertical leap

There are a number of different methods you can use to increase your vertical leap. You can’t just do one of them. You have to introduce them all into your strength and conditioning routine. The reason for this is you might be a power full athlete but you might be keeping extra power locked away if you don’t introduce some flexibility or balance training. To be able to unlock that power.


The first method I’m going to talk about is plyometrics. Plyometrics is highly used to increase vertical leap. Plyos are usually referred to as jump training. However, there are many jumping exercises that aren’t plyometrics. A plyometric movement is when you spend minimal amount of contact time on the ground/surface. So if you jump up on the spot every time you make contact with the ground you want it to be as quick as possible.

Balance and core

If your balance and core is weak you won’t be able to transfer force through your body to be able to jump as high as you can. Wether it be jumping off one leg or two you have to make sure the body is able to with stand the pressure of the jump. And then when you land back on the floor you want to be able to absorb the force from coming down. Otherwise you’ll just fall over and risk injury.

Power movements

Getting your body to move fast under force or weight. For example wighted squat jumps or squat cleans are prime example of moving weight fast. Making the body feel like it is heavier, which can then be transferred into more powder when jumping. Making you jump higher.

Strength training

Strength training can add inches to your vertical leap by just starting a new strength training programme. If you are wanting to increase your leap. This is what you have to start with. The reason being you have to have strong legs to be able to do the plyos. So adding in barbell squats, deadlifts and other leg work will increase you chances of improvement.


Having a flexibility routine is crucial for increasing vertical leap. If you have a tight posterior chain you won’t be able to move with good ROM. Which decreases the ability to gain strength and for the muscle to contract at its full length. However, you don’t want to be supper flexible, just flexible enough to be able to move without restriction. You can increase your stretching in forms of yoga or have a simple stretching routine in the mornings. This sort of practice is good to have throughout life to maintain flexibility.

Practice jumping for your sport

The main one that will improve your vertical is practicing your approach and technique of jumping. Or if you’re a runner practice your running because all of these will improve your speed. Every sport is different so your approach will be different. You have to start to use the strength and speed that you gain in the weight room and transfer it to the pitch or field.

How does this help the common person

If you are the everyday fitness fanatic working on your vertical leap and speed it can improve many aspects of your life. All of the above will help you not just with running or jumping but with mobility, strength, bone density, stamina and balance which are all needed as a human.  If you are looking for a personal trainer in Ascot or Sunningdale to help you improve your fitness or strength for your sport. Get in touch and we can chat about what we can do for you.