Your health is your wealth

Have you ever thought about the things people can never take away from you. You can get robbed or have thing stollen from you. However, most of these things are materialistic. Whereas you health is something no one can ever take away from you. The only person who can take it away is yourself. Therefore, for you to keep your health you must protect it more than any material possession you have. Long term your health is your wealth so by doing exercise and eating a healthy diet will always serve you. You wont be able to get up tomorrow and go to work or do what you love by not being healthy.

Exercise at least 30 minutes day

Exercise doesn’t have to be really hard but it does have to be consistent throughout your life. If you keep up to date with moving every day you won’t have to use drastic dieting to lose fat. Just to let you know these diets don’t work long term. What does work it consistent exercise and healthy eating to keep your body healthy.

What I do to stay active every day is walk, there is nothing better than taking an early morning walk. Getting some fresh air to start off your day. However, you could also walk at other times of the day. It might be quite nice to take an evening walk with your dog to get some extra movement.

Eat your protein and green vegetables

The mixture of protein and complex carbohydrates in your body enables the body to slowly release the carbs over a period of time. This is why it is good to eat your protein with some sort of carbohydrate. It keep your body full for longer and it will also keep you nourished. If you mix your protein with a vegetable type carbohydrates that has other nutritious properties. It will make you body crave less sugar because it is getting the macro and micro nutrients.

Maintain your strength through resistance training

There is a great misconception of going to the gym just to get stronger. Yes you will get stronger by doing resistance training. This is one of the side effects however you will get to a point where you can’t get much stronger.  The question you need to ask yourself is ‘How much strength do I really need?’. This will depend on if you do a sport or if you’re training for health reasons. It is always better to be stronger because it helps you to move with ease. However, you might get to a point of strength and just want to maintain it. Imagine your 50 years old, strong enough to do all the big compound lifts with ease. You don’t want to put to much pressure on your joints so you workout what weight you have to use to maintain what you have. Keeping you strong for many years to come.

Spend time with friends and loved ones

I was listening to a TED talk the other day about depression and anxiety by Johann Hari. He explained depression in a the best way possible. He also explains how different cultures deal with depression. The West takes the easy route with a pill whereas the East helps with physical companionship. There are so many people dressed now because they are unfulfilled beings. They want to be able to do more but can’t find a way to do it. So they seek isolation and don’t do the things that are so natural to our survival.

He then looked at our society, it is one that looks for the easy route with every thing. We have fast food with no nutritional value, we have pills to cure illness but doesn’t cure it completely, we have our social connection with other people broken down because we don’t talk as much as we used to and we don’t go out and exercise in nature. All these things once changed will help you on the recovery from depression.

This is where your health is your wealth and these are the things I think you should start with

  • Eat a healthy nutritious diet to make sure you function correctly. Especially with your chemical imbalances.
  • Don’t use pills to cure yourself with depression try and try to talk to a friend or loved ones more. It will help you so much. (I know this one is a hard one to ask)
  • Exercise in nature by running or walking in the forest. Go outside to do your weight training.

How we can help you become a better human

If you agree with the above content, we are personal trainers in Virginia Water and Ascot that can help you to change your life for ever. Developing your mindset so that you don’t have to feel depressed or unhealthy again. Contact us today for more information.