Exercise whist travelling or on holiday

Exercising whilst travelling for pleasure of business shouldn’t change from your usual routine. You should keep it exactly the same with some alterations according to your location and equipment. If you’re traveling with work you can go for a run or use the hotel facilities. However, if you don’t have a gym to and area to run, you can always use bands, TRX and body weight exercises in your hotel room. I have many client that travel for work and need to still exercises to keep momentum going as well as keep there mind ready for work.

Using the hotel gym

Using a hotel gym can be good if it has had some thought put into the design. Some facilities can be quite bad with just a room with a bike and a treadmill placed in it. This isn’t great if your routine consists of resistance training and other weighted movements. However, not all is lost. Usually these sorts of gyms have a space with mats to do core exercise. You can use this space for your programme with your bands and body weight exercises. You can make it harder with time under tension or explosive HIIT training. If it’s suitable for your body and goals in the programme.

Using bands and body weight exercises

Having a strength band, a couple loops and a physio band in your luggage can be very helpful. You can wrap them around poles or the end of the bed. This will allow you to do a number of pulling, pushing and core movements. If you work with a personal trainer at your home or local park you will know a number of great exercises to do with bands. As a personal trainer in Ascot I use bands with all my clients because they are a brilliant piece of kit to use during a session. Especially when you have client who travel to different locations for work.

Personal trainers tip:

If you’re going on holiday or travelling for work, take a couple of bands with you and learn to use your body to exercise. Instead of always adding weights try using different aspects of training to better your exercise library. It will expand your ability to not have an excuse to stop training when in an area that you’re not used to. It will also make you more comfortable with exercise as a whole.