There are probably many reasons why you train with a personal trainer. However, your PT is the best for you because of a few great reasons and it’s not because he/she has all the knowledge in the world. I’ve noticed over my career that too much information for a client can be a turn off, especially if its to scientific. Making thing easy to understand for the client is a great way to get across why they are being set a certain exercise, tempo or intensity. Without it feeling boring.

The best PT will make training fun and adapt when necessary

When you first get to know a PT you will know within the first 6 sessions if you’re going to have fun and if the sessions are going to be effective and beneficial. These sessions are for you to get to know each other and the best trainers will ask you questions and get to know other sides of you. To really get to know you and what your background is. This help for both of you to create a rapport.

This rapport will determine what you like and don’t like and will tell the trainer how far to push you when needed and when to slow things down. Being transparent with what the training will look like reassures the client that it will work. Taking the edge off from the client who might be feeling anxious and worried about if they are doing the right thing. Making them feel more comfortable giving them the ability to have fun.

Communicating and understanding each other

The consultation is the first time that you meet each other in person. Therefore, this impression of you will be the deal breaker where they take you on as a PT. Obviously, you’ll want to ask about goals and they will want to talk about you and your ability as a personal trainer. These are simple however the clear communication isn’t just about that its much much more. You have to create a feeling that they can have the ability to open up to you and talk about themselves. By having interests in other subject like current affairs, reading, economics, cars, geography, business, travel it will give you the ability to discuss other subjects when training clients.

This is actually a big part of training a client in their private gym. In a training sessions there can be a lot of time when no one says anything at all. You might want to fill this blank time with a discussion about the above subjects. This is because the client will want to talk more about certain subjects that interest them. If you aren’t able to talk about these things they will start to find the sessions very dull.

Chemistry with a PT client

This is more than just giving the client what they are looking for because there can be a very long journey ahead of them if they have big goals. Some people goals will take 2-3 years to complete in the right sustainable way. So, as a personal trainer in Richmond you will have to have good chemistry with them so see them through the whole training journey. This could come from similar values that you both share and the only way they are going to find out about yours is if you communicate them. This will leave you a little vulnerable as a personal trainer because you never know what their values are. However, if you don’t take a risk in life by getting to know someone further, then you will constantly be finding client and not keeping them for the whole coaching journey.

Are you looking for a trainer?

Here at Future Health training we provide 1 to 1 personal training sessions in parks and at peoples homes. We also offer online programming if you live in an another country. We like to get to know all our clients so that we deliver what they are looking for in a safe but effective way.