Employing a personal trainer is one of the best decisions you can make. Here’s why… 

Have you ever got to the gym and thought to yourself “What am I going to do here today? And whilst scrambling around on your phone looking for a new workout routine on youtube, you give in and decide to do the same practice you’ve been doing since you started. 

Sound familiar? This was me also before I hired a personal trainer. 

Now, have you ever noticed the improvements in your routine when competing competitively or striving towards a fixed goal?  

This article will not only explain how consistent personal training sessions will help you achieve your goals, but will also put you on a path to unwavering success in both your physical and psychological well being. 


Let’s get started…

What can a personal trainer do for you? 

A personal trainer will… 

1. Help you exercise the right way

There’s exercising and then there’s exercising efficiently. Although you’re not about to attend an after school program, your personal trainer will educate you on how to achieve this. 

There is much confusion about how we should run, how many reps we should do, how often we should work out, which muscle groups we should work on and what mixture of exercises allow us to efficiently achieve our desired results. 

This is where your personal trainer comes in. He is your exercise guardian angel, your coach and your teacher. What you’ll learn through employing a personal trainer will impact you way you can imagine, allowing you to break away from old habits and work out effectively over the coming years. 

2. Help you break old habits 

Going to the gym is wonderful, however without professional guidance, you can easily fall into bad habits. Over time, these bad habits lead to inefficiencies and later to uneven muscle gain.

Breaking bad habits takes considerable amounts of time, effort and persistent training. Although a conscious effect has been employed, how do we know that we’re not simply creating more bad habits? 

Again, this is where your personal trainer steps in. 

Your personal trainer will establish your current exercise habits and guide you through new routines and processes, paving the road for you to overcome these redundant routines and effectively giving you a strong foundation for future success. 

3. Hold you accountable 

We understand, it’s tough to motivate yourself in the morning and that’s ok. The personal trainers are here to help. 

Although your personal trainer won’t be your alarm clock, he will be there in the park or in your gym waiting for you at 6am ready to get started. 

This consistent accountability will build healthy routines thus acting as a keystone habit from which other healthy, productive habits form… powerful right? 

4. Tailor a personal training workout structure to your individual needs 

Some people want to be olympic athletes, some bodybuilders, some yogis and others simply want to increase their fitness. With a personal trainer by your side, you’ll have a weekly structure to suit your individual needs. 

Initially, your personal trainer will pave the road to the body of your dreams through a free consultation and will later continue to develop the structure as your body grows, changes and adapts to its new shape. 

Exciting, right? 

5. Help you grow towards your athletic goals 

Have you ever wanted to run a marathon? Complete an Ironman? Become the best version of yourself? Or perhaps your training to become the world’s greatest Ping Pong master, either way, we understand. 

Each athlete has specific personal training needs aiding them in achieving the strength and stamina for their chosen discipline. 

Future health training’s personal trainers are highly qualified and ready to help you work towards your athletic goals. 

6. Not seeing results, no problem 

Working out for months and not seeing the results you desire can be discouraging. To get you back on track, chances are there are only a few minor tweaks to make in your performance. 

These tweaks and tips come from experience and are something a personal trainer will help you with.. Looking for a six-pack? Wanting to develop your core strength? Dreaming about a beach body before summer? 

A personal trainer will educate you and show you how to achieve these goals efficiently and sustainably within a set period of time.  

7. A new challenge 

In a fast paced world, change is our only constant, so perhaps it’s time to pursue a new goal. If you’re not sure where to start, a personal training session could provide you with the answer. 

Personal training is at the heart of goal setting. After you have established a new challenge, we will work beside you to set achievable goals managing them as they develop.

Still not sure? Well… listen up. 

We understand some people prefer to work out individually, would prefer not to be woken up at 6am or perhaps can’t spare the cash for a personal trainer. 

That’s ok, we have a solution for you. 

Alternatively to in person personal training sessions, we offer customised training programmes allowing you to work out with the guidance of a personal trainer without the commitment and upfront cost. 

“Don’t fear your future health, we’ve got you covered” 

Instead, aim to turn that fear into an advantage by making the decision and following your desires. 

Our world needs more people like you–Game changers. People who dare to do things differently, take on remarkable challenges and people who desire an extraordinary life and body. 

Leading an extraordinary life lies in making extraordinary decisions. 

Of course, this is easier said than done, however having a true edge over your workout habits and routine is a skill you can learn. 

That’s why when it comes to generating bespoke workout routines, finding the flaws in your current habits or designing outstanding training programs countless people turn to Future Health Training. Our team of dedicated, friendly and caring professionals work tirelessly to provide not only 1 on 1 personal training but a number of packages helping you achieve great results without the huge costs. 

Just take a quick look at the three online packages we offer members of our community.

  • The Future – A packaged designed to bring you the first stage in bespoke personal training, access to your coach via text or Whatsapp and one coaching call per month.


  • The Future Plus – This level up provides you with all the great benefits of the future, with not only two additional coaching calls but also one remote training session per month.


  • The Future Pro – The pro is the ferrari of the personal training world. In addition to all of the above, you will receive two unique coaching calls and four remote training sessions per month, truly paving the road toward your health and future of your dreams. 


Plus… to keep you updated, we offer a monthly curated newsletter rounding up some of our best articles regarding personal training, fitness and personal well being completely free of change. 

All of this is offered to you on a caring, personal and individual basis. Because… well, we believe everyone deserves the very best start on their journey into the future. It’s really that simple… We care about our clients.

So if you need help to navigate the world of personal training, or perhaps you simply need some guidance, don’t wait another minute, give us a call today. 

We understand life can be busy. If you would prefer, drop us an email below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

Written by Sean Jamess Creative Writer | Entrepreneur | Explorer |