Trust the process in your personal training journey

When progress doesn’t happen straight away we get down and we can’t see through the trees. This especially happens when trying to loose fat or starting a new fitness journey. The results don’t come over night and you have to trust the process to be able to get through this hard time. Once your body has started to adapt to your new lifestyle you will see more results. I’m going to tell you a couple of factors to look out for when having a personal trainer or starting your fitness journey.


Time is something that you are going to have to deal with. Every individual is different and therefore will take a different amount of time to process there new lifestyle. There will be obstacles in the way obstructing you getting to the other side. However, when you get there you will know why you went through this hard part and it makes it all worth while.

Have Patience

Be patient with yourself because success isn’t built over night. You need to put in the hard work with your personal trainer as well as on your diet to see the best outcome. Keep on doing what your trainer says. You will start to build new habits that will help you change. If you are focussed and are doing everything correct without any slip ups then you will get there. And even if you do have a slip up, don’t stay down. If you have eaten something that you shouldn’t just restart your healthy diet that same day.

Trusting your personal trainer

I have had client who if they don’t see results after the first 4 weeks that something isn’t working and they will never get to their goal. They start to question your ways and start to lose faith in what they are doing. I reassure all of my clients that if they do everything I say. That they will reach their goals just keep on trusting the process and don’t give up after a short period of time. It can take months in some cases to lose fat or gain muscle.


Keep on going and never stop a healthy diet and fitness. The more effort and time you put into it the more you will get out of it. So never quite or stop doing what you have started because you will be so much better of with fitness and healthy food in your life than if you didn’t. If you and your personal trainer managed to create a healthy eating plan and a fitness regime that you stick to. Then you have achieved something many people never achieve.

As a personal trainer in Weybridge, I plan to get my client on a heathy way of life before they start to lose any fat. This means getting them to eat a balanced nutritious diet and create a fitness regime that is progressive for them. Once this has been established then you can start to lose fat and slim down.

Last note:

There isn’t on size fits all in health and fitness, everybody is different. Therefore, everyone needs a different way to manage  themselves with their food and activity. I know that people will have foods that they like to eat and it will be hard to minimise the amount they eat off them. However, if you take small steps at a time to trust the process you shall see results sooner than later. Most of the hard work is in your mind and how you deal with your behaviour throughout your lifestyle changes will determine how you feel throughout the rest of your life.