Anna’s transformation from my point of view

I started training with Anna about 10 months ago. The images above were taken more than 8 months apart. I don’t usually do transformation posts however this transformation was something I had to share to show everyone that however big your goal is, it can be done. It might take time and lots of hard work mentally and physically. If you keep your progress consistent with your workouts and eating a healthy diet then all your goals can come true.

Anna has worked so hard over the last 10 months, she has seen 18% body fat loss, muscle growth, her heart rate has dropped more than 20 beats per minute and her weekly headaches are no more. Overall, her health has considerably improved.  However, this sort of transformation doesn’t come from doing a little bit of exercise and a slight change in diet. It comes from doing something every day that is going to get you closer to your goal.

What she did in addition to personal training sessions

I know that she sometimes worked out on the days she had a workout with me and trained by herself on other days. She would always question me on how to improve her progress.  Even on her days off she was active, by using the rest day for a long walk to help her stay on track. She always wanted to try doing something new by adding in a sport or other activity. Anna tried a lot of different activities from dancing to yoga. She did really well when she started rowing at a local rowing club. All of this helped her get to where she is today.

Everyone will need a different approach to training

One of the things that I know as a personal trainer is that not everyone is the same and therefore you need a different approach when training them. You can’t just set a client all these new exercises to do because they take time to learn. The one thing you don’t want to do is scare them away. I know the first thing is to let the client feel relaxed with exercising and then let them find a passion for it.  When the time comes you can slowly add in harder exercises and movements.  I know now that Anna has a passion for exercise form lifting weights to cardio.

This what a trainer is looking for when taking on a client

This is a journey where I have guided her and she has put a whole lot of hard work into training. I couldn’t of done the hard work for her. She had to find it within herself and she did. I don’t feel like she will go back to her past beliefs because she has set herself a firm foundation that she can keep growing on for the rest of her life.

It’s always a pleasure to train Anna. I’m so happy for how far she has come and I know that she will keep going to see what your body is capable of. Pull ups will become easy and squats and deadlifts will be something that she look forward to. She will continue doing amazing work.

How a personal trainer can help you with your transformation

As leading personal trainers in Sunningdale we know transformations like this don’t come easily. They take a lot of hard work and you can’t rely on your personal trainer to do the hard work for you. But we can definitely be there with you every step of the way to guide you in the right direction. For more information to get you going please feel free to call me on 07827 442271.