How can I get stronger, fitter and more mobile?

There are many people in this day and age that want to be stronger and fitter. However, most do not want to put the work in to be able to achieve that goal. We have become a society that want things to happen immediately without any hard work. The clients that have this goal in mind know that it won’t be over night and it will take its time. Some come to me and think that a personal trainer has some sort of magic powder to make things happen instantly. This is a conversation that I have in all of my consultations. To make sure that the client knows where they stand and that they know it’s still going to take determination and had work.

Eating a healthy diet

Some over look the importance of a healthy diet. Now don’t get me confused with going on a diet, a healthy diet isn’t the same. A healthy diet consists of a balance of protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits and fats. We need all of these in a good balance through the day to make sure the body can function at its best. What you shouldn’t do is eat an excess of a certain type of food. Anything in excess can be bad for you. Whereas, if you made sure your diet was full of healthy foods you will make sure your body is strong and you immune system is kept up to par.

Do movements that push your body anaerobically

Start doing strength training and push your body a little more every time you workout. To get stronger you must change the variables in which you train your body. This can be the weight, tempo or speed that you perform a movement. You can’t expect a different outcome by doing the same thing every day. Evolve you training program to push you to get stronger. This will keep things exciting and will challenge you more. A personal trainer will do this automatically during your program because they know the principals of getting stronger.

Move your body at a fast pace to increase your heart rate at least 3 times a week

Start to increase your heart rate at least 3 times a week to 70% of your maximum HR. This will make sure your cardiovascular health is being tested. Keeping your body from feeling out of breath when your walking or doing general movement throughout the day. Because you’ve been training at a higher heart rate and you body is able to have a higher heart rate without feeling out of breath. This means there will be less stress on your heart on a day to day basis.

Stretch the body after exercise but also introduce yoga type movements

It’s always good to stretch after any sort of physical activity. It makes sure the muscles are relaxed and back to their original position. You might experience tightness a couple days after a strength sessions or a long run. These are the times to do a small warm up to get some blood in the muscles that are tight. Then stretch out those tight muscles using yoga and mobility techniques. These techniques can be using pressure point equipment like hard lacrosse balls or foam rollers as well as general stretches. However, if you are really tight it can be very beneficial to go and see you local massage therapist. Who will also put you through a number of stretches.

Personal trainers note:

As a a mobile personal trainer in Virginia Water I like to focus on the clients goals but I also want to give the client more than what they have asked for. For example, if you just want to lose fat it will be tough in the long run. However, you will gain a lot more than just less fat on your body. You will get stronger, fitter and become more mobile as a result of training with us. At Future Health Training we like to give you more than what you asked for.