If you are struggling to keep active at the moment because you are used to going to the gym and get a kick from the atmosphere. We know how you feel, personal trainers and coaches in ascot get the same feeling. This is why we are offering our current and new clients the ability use online and remote training with us.

The difference between online and remote training

The difference between these are that with online training you receive a bespoke plan with the ability to ask your personal trainer any questions you may have. To help your training, these can be asked during your weekly or fortnightly coaching call or via email/text. This sort of training is beneficial to anyone who is able to motivate themselves and is happy to workout alone.

Remote personal training is more like a usual personal training session or mobile PT session. Where you get instant technique correction from your trainer through a video call whilst you are doing your workout. This is beneficial to someone who wants more help with exercises technique, motivation and guidance.

Our packages that we offer

These are the following packages that we are offering at this time. However, we have the ability adjust your training to purely remote training with you if you feel this is more your style. We understand that everyone is different and you will need a bespoke package. You can enquire with us and we will suggest what is the best form of action for you.


Why we are offering more remote training

Due to the current Covid 19 situation we have expanded our packages to include remote personal sessions. This is so we can work with out clients face to face via a FaceTime/skype call. To give you more information on certain movements and to correct you whilst you are doing these movements.

It is also the more logical route to go down at this time, as a mobile & online personal training company we have a number of different clients who still want our guidance. Therefore, to be able to keep them safe and healthy we feel remote training is best option.

Why this can also work for you

If you enquire with Future Health Training and are wondering what will work for you? Then we can guide you to make sure you make the right choice for you depending on your goals and personality type. All of our packages and programme are bespoke. Therefore, we know that you will be able to reach your goals with our knowledge and guidance. All you have to do is be consistent with your training and put in the hard work by following the programme.

If you struggle with what to do whilst working out. Then you don’t have to struggle anymore. The coaching app will show you via a video what to do and we will make sure you are doing the right reps and sets to stimulate the body in the right way with your goals in mind.


Written by David Thomas

Written by David Thomas

Founder and Personal trainer