What qualities to look for in a personal trainer

When looking for a personal trainer there are certain qualities that you need to look out for. They might have a great looking website, but do they have the background to back everything up. These following aspects I’m going to write about are what you need to be aware of.


Does your potential new personal trainer have the knowledge to back up why you may be doing something? This is something you can tell straight away when meeting a personal trainer in Weybridge. Whilst talking to them have a list of questions to ask. This will enable you to see how they answer them in person. After that, you will know if they like the client asking questions or not. In other words, will you be able to learn from them or just follow instruction. I think a great coach makes sure their client can train without them as they become more confident.


There are so many qualities an experience coach can bring to the table. However, experience is only built up over time. So, ask about their background and their story. This will enable you to find out how many years they have been training clients and in what environment. You’ll be able to tell if they are confident in what they are saying and how they are coaching. A great tool for a personal trainer is knowing when and where to do certain things. Especially, increasing the weight or reps depending on how long and individual has been training. The experience gives the trainer the ability to read the client with these things in mind.


Search on different platforms for reviews and testimonials. This will give you confidence when you come to choose the right trainer for you. Reading what other people’s experiences were with a particular trainer can give you lots of information. For instance, it will instantly tell you if they are experienced in their field and how they have worked with different individuals. This isn’t really a quality. However, it tells you something you might have wanted to ask your trainer during a consultation without having to ask them in person.


Why does your personal trainer do what they do? This is a question you might want to ask because it tells you if they are passionate about health and fitness. In other words, are they in it for helping people better themselves. For instance, I love my job and want to make people live a longer and happier life. Using fitness and nutrition as a foundation for my clients. Find this in a personal trainer and you’re onto a winner.


The PT’s speciality is something you want to know about. These sorts of qualities are found in trainers who’ve been training people for a longer period of time. They have found out why they want to be in the fitness industry and they work with people for a specific reason. People come to this particular train for this reason. If you find a trainer that matches your personal goals. They will be able to train you in the best way because you both click. Instead of, hiring a trainer that doesn’t have a speciality.

Last note:

If you find the qualities I have stated above in the trainer you have chosen. I would hire him/her as soon as possible because their diaries will fill up fast.