Last weeks interview on Brooklands radio

Last Thursday I got interviewed on Brooklands radio about what I do and what Future Health Training is. It was a great experience being interview by Jill Bennett who is the host and has her own show ‘Your Health Matters’. I was quite nervous about how I would sound being interviewed on the radio. However, after listening to myself I felt it was great. I’m happy to be able to spread the words of what I do and how I can help people get fitter, stronger and more mobile. It is something I’m passionate about and feel I need to do to help people who really need me.

What we discussed

We spoke about how I got into the personal training industry and what I do in it now. Lots of personal trainers in Weybridge have the lose weight and get fit style of training people. However, it is much more that that. Fitness isn’t a one size fits all scenario. Everyone is different and therefore needs a different way of looking at fitness. Especially as you get older and your body starts to change. It can be a stressful time in your life and you need to know what to do otherwise you will feel like you’re hurting yourself or damaging your body. This is what I help people with, making sure they are exercising and reaching their goals in a safe and injury free manner.

Why people should consider working with me

There are many personal trainers out there today that are brilliant and know exactly what to do and what you need. I target my main market at people who are 40+ who have trained in the past or who haven’t trained in the past. There are many different situations to address with both individuals. The person who hasn’t trained in the past will be quite tight and inflexible in the posterior chain. This will need close attention. As well as learning all the new movements to become stronger. Whereas, the person who has been active in their life will want to do the same as they used to be able to do 20 years ago. This will need to be discussed so they know it will be a different process to get to them to that point again without injury.

How my sessions work

It all depends on the person however the usual structure starts with a dynamic warm up. This incorporates mobility of tight areas of the body and movements the client needs to learn for the duration of the programme. The main body of the workout will be strength training for the first months to make the body is strong enough to withstand some of the cardio workouts. The last ten minutes of the workout is the cool down where certain critical stretches are performed to improve and develop flexibility in the body.

Listen to me on the podcast

If you’d like to listen to me speak about Future Health training and personal training head over to the Brooklands radio site or follow this link. Let me know what you thought about my first interview.