A few weeks ago the government allowed private personal trainers to go back to work. If you are a mobile personal trainer you are allowed to work outdoors with your clients. However, there are differences in the sessions, you must follow the social distancing guidelines to keep you and your client base safe. As a training company that loves to deliver sessions one to one this came as great news. We did something different compared to every other personal trainer in the area. We understand that our clients are very affluent individuals and we want them to be safe. So, we decided to wait two extra weeks before we went back to work training our clients one to one.

Why did we do this?

We wanted to understand the gravity of the lockdown easing before we went back to seeing people face to face. This was a precaution to keep our client and trainers safe. We understand that a business has to have clients to be able to work but when you are working with people you do all you can do to protect them. Otherwise, it they get ill then all the great work we did before and during the lockdown will be for nothing. I want all the clients who trust Future Health Training with their health and fitness needs to be healthy. This allows us to have a great relationship going forward knowing that we’ve done everything that we can to keep all clients free from illness.

What we have been working on during Lockdown

During the lockdown period of 10 weeks so far. We’ve opened up 5 new locations that we are going to be offering out services in London. These personal training locations are Kensington, Chelsea, Fulham, Richmond and Chiswick. We are trying to attract individuals that want to take on our new annual training package. You have to be invested in your health and fitness to take one of these packages on. We believe that if you are fully invested then you will get the best results.

We are back to personal training and are better than ever

Now that the pandemic situation has decreased with less cases in and around the UK. We are back to work and want to invite you to workout with us. If you are looking for a mobile personal trainer or a luxury annual personal training package in our new locations. Where we organise the ins and outs of your health and fitness. Offering you personal training, massage, physiotherapy, nutrition support/planning, mobility, online programming for when on business or holiday, health retreats and much much more. To help you forward not just in your health and fitness but your life and work to.