Perfect health and fitness for the rest of your life

Having perfect health and fitness for your whole life is achievable and you can do it. The main thing is being consistent with all the aspects of what make your health and fitness perfect. We find keeping ourselves healthy hard because we make it really hard for ourselves. Rather than making it normal to be and do healthy things. Getting into a routine is the start of your journey and knowing that this journey never as an ending is the wisdom that you have to overcome.

As humans we love to set ourselves goals and watch something grow or get better. These are all aspects of the journey. Keeping in mind your goals are what brought you on this journey. You’re doing this for a reason and that reason should be in the forefront at every hurdle. However, with perfect health and fitness there isn’t an end to perfect health and fitness. It doesn’t just end and that’s what people find hard. You have to fight to want to keep your health the way it is, then you will have to continuously put in hard work.

The start

The start is hard because you have come to terms with the fact that you have to do something about your health and fitness to make it perfect. This can be hard because you have to be honest with yourself to see what you are doing to hurt your health and what you have to do to improve it. This is the best time to organise a coach or personal training to help you through the hardest parts of getting started.

Pushing your body out of its comfort zone is hard, mentally and physically it will test you. Having someone in your corner for this moment can benefit you greatly because this will be the foundation of what you’ll build everything else upon. This is why is an important part of your journey.

When times get tough

These times are what make you a mentally strong person capable of achieving anything in life. There will be times when you want to quit because you can’t see things happening as your journey starts to take off. These are the sticking points in making your health perfect. I call these the times magical because usually you’ll have worked your butt off to get to this point. You should be proud of yourself but most people feel like they are going backwards because nothing is happening. This realisation is that most of your life nothing will happen. It will be you maintaining your strength, fitness and ability for the long term. The times when nothing seems to be happening are the time your body is getting used to the new you. Almost like a cooling off period when something beautiful if forged in the fire.

Having someone to guide you

Having a personal trainer in Ascot to guide you through the process towards perfect health can give you an advantage. You will have knowledge by your side and a guide to guide you through the hard times when you don’t want to continue. Having a coach like this is an asset that will set you apart from doing things by yourself. Where you would have quit before and not seen the fruits of your hard work. You will now be able to see and progress forward where you wouldn’t have progressed before.