Overcome tiredness and regain your energy with these simple yet powerful tips

Time is a finite resource. Energy is a different story. Defined in physics as the capacity to work, in humans energy comes from 4 main sources: the body, mind, spirit and our emotions.

IN an article on HBR (Harvard Business Review), Schwartz and McCarty highlight that “In each of these, energy can be systematically expanded and regularly renewed by establishing specific rituals—behaviours that are intentionally practiced and precisely scheduled, with the goal of making them unconscious and automatic as quickly as possible”.

Building healthy rituals or habits is a large part of living a healthy life so the question we are answer for you today is how can increase our energy levels and overcome tiredness and fatigue.

First things first…


Sleep cycles are guided by our natural circadian rhythm, an internal process that regulates the sleep wake cycle roughly every 24 hours. Just like any normal clock, our internal clock can be reset or altered by a number of various factors, daylight being at the top of the list.

Tiredness (sleep reduces adenosine)

‘Adenosine’ or the organic compound sleep expert Matthew Walker refers to as ‘sleep pressure’ starts being produced in the brain from the moment we
wake up, gradually increasing throughout the day until the ‘pressure’ becomes high enough inhibiting arousal and encouraging us to sleep. This process can be seen in the diagram above.