Best outdoor personal training locations in Ascot and Windsor

A nice park is something a personal trainer looks for. We want to know where the best outdoor locations are to train client at. After all, lots of clients like to train outdoors and if there is somewhere that has more perks that others. We want to know about it. You might now that there are many personal training parks in London with lots of pull up bars and dip bars. However, I haven’t come across many of these in Windsor or Ascot.

What I look for in an outdoor environment:

  • Big open space to do running drills and to make sure the client doesn’t feel claustrophobic.
  • An area with concrete for a stable surface
  • A bar or tree to hang my TRX or KO8 suspension trainer.
  • A little shelter just in case it starts to rain and we need to train undercover.
  • A pull up bar (this is an extra and is very useful)
  • A bench to do step ups and many other exercises on.
  • Car park which is either free or you can stay for an hour without paying too much.
  • Toilet facilities


These are the parks that I train my Windsor clients in:

Bachelors acre

This park is in right in the middle of Windsor, so there will be many people who see me train client in the morning. This park covered almost all my criteria for a park with just enough open space to run around without it feeling to long. A great park to do a personal training session in if you work in the centre of Windsor.

Imperial park

Now this park has a big free car park and with that in mind clients don’t have to worry about finding a space. It is on the route as you drive through Windsor so if  your on your way to work it can be a greta place to do a workout. It has everything that I need for a training session. Except for a bench or a pull up bar, which is a shame because they have one of the metal outdoor gyms. Which no one seems to ever use, they don’t look that functional from a personal trainers perspective.

The Brocas

I was introduce to this park my one of my clients who lives in Eton. It is a great open space to do running drills and core work. There isn’t much pedestrian traffic in the park so its great if you have a problem with lots of people around. If you live in Eton this is most likely the park I would use with you because the village it quite small. It’s easy to get to and from. So it’s perfect for training at any time of day.

Sutherland Grange

This is a big open space, great if you live in the west of Windsor. I use this park in the summer time more than the winter due to their not being and shelter. It’s never nice to workout and get soaking wet. But it is nice to train in the outdoors on a spring day.


These are the parks I train my Ascot clients in:

Victory Field

I’m in this park on a Saturday morning, I use the basketball court to run my sessions. It has a great atmosphere with Tennis being played and Football matches going on in the field. It is a family oriented park. If your looking for a workout whist your son or daughter gets a tennis lesson or plays football. It can be a great use of time for yourself.

South Ascot park

This is the first park I ever use as an Ascot mobile personal trainer. Therefore, Have lots of good memories at this park. I used to cycle my bike from North Ascot with a kettlebell on the handlebars and all my equipment in my rucksack. This was before I had a car. In the winter it was really cold but in the summer it was glorious outdoor space. This park has everything to do a workout except for shelter but we always used to seek shelter under the trees.

The Ascot racecourse

The ground of Ascot racecourse has a great running area and a good area to do a workout. I run session here when it is really dark because it has a lit areas in the underpass. It has a little hill to do hill sprints and a flat concrete area to do all the exercises for a specific training session.

Broomhall recreation ground

This small park is actually in the heart of Sunningdale. It has a small outdoor gym and big open space. I have done a couple of sessions here in the past but not as much as I would like. It has a great environment in the summer. With lots of people heading there with there families. I think its a favourite for many because it have an ice cream shop. If you live in Sunningdale and would like to use this area. I’d be happy to train you there.