Investing in your health and wellness is the best thing you can do right now. Not only will it help to serve you physically by improving your immune system and keeping your body strong, it will also benefit you emotionally and mentally by boosting your sense of purpose and confidence and empowering you to take back a little bit of control.

This is why Future Health Training has shown up day in and day out to support you, our community throughout this time. Our work has been well received and we’re excited to continue to grow and adapt as we move into the next phase of this journey.

Top 5 benefits to working out

  1. Improved Productivity

  2. Improves Immune System

  3. Improved Mood

  4. Provides an outlet for Stress

  5. Gives you back Control

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Improves Productivity

One of the best things any business owner or busy individual can do to help maximise their impact is invest in themselves first. By filling your own cup, giving to yourself in a way that makes you feel empowered and confident, you are then able to better show up for your colleagues, your community and your family. Plus, when we know that time is limited, we end up being more productive! So by scheduling in that 60 minute session, you’ll be forced to zone in and be more mindful of where you’re spending your time. Thus creating a more productive and empowered you!

Improved Immune System

There are thousands of workouts and fitness challenges you can be taking part in right now, so why invest in personal training? Our expertise allows us to craft workout programs that fit well with your current capabilities, mood, and work schedule. And this means our workouts will always include restorative work that helps to boost the immune system and endocrine system. Knowing how to balance out intensive workouts and slower-paced movements to ensure great results in line with your goals and a strong bodily defence is our priority.

Improved Mood

Working out naturally produces the secretion of various chemicals, one of which is the endorphin. Endorphins lift the mood and help the body to relax. While we workout we’re getting an immediate feedback system that makes us feel stronger and more in control. This confidence translates into our daily lives and helps us to deal with difficult situations more effectively.

Provides an Outlet for Stress

Movement is incredible in that you can feel and release emotion without words. Your trainer can program a  sweaty session that helps you to feel strong; or set you some shadow boxing drills that make you torch your core and release all the pent up frustration, or help you relax and loosen up your body allowing you to release pent up tension accumulated from a long day.   Depending on how you’re feeling and your goals, Future Health Training trainers will create a program that encourages space to feel and release the daily stressors so you can feel strong and inspired.

Gives you back control

Amidst all the uncertainty that lies ahead, feeling like we have control over something is rare. This is why working on our health is so empowering; it gives us a sense of purpose and a new appreciation for the decisions that we can make. Having the guidance can make this step feel less daunting and can help you see results quickly and sustainably.

Our Online Training Program format

Since March 23rd Future Health Training and Partners have been working remotely to help support you our community through these times. Keeping in mind that not everyone requires the same approach, we’ve created two different online training approaches.

  1. Programming via our online app

  2. Online Training via Video Conferencing

Online programming

Online Programming is perfect for clients who have a high understanding of movement patterns and are looking for a good workout without having a set time they’re able to commit to each week. This is especially great for business owners who are hustling hard to pivot their business to meet the new demands of a world online, or individuals now juggling the demanding schedule of at-home learning.

This process includes:

– an initial video conferencing session to establish movement patterns and points of focus

– a monthly workout program that is devised uniquely to suit your personal needs

– access to a private online app where workouts are sent directly to your phone or device

– a workout library included within the app so you are sure you’re moving effectively and safely

– the ability to record and share your workouts with your trainer safely and privately through the app to gain real-time feedback

– weekly phone chats to discuss the program and ensure progress is being made

Online Training via Video Conferencing

Online training via video conferencing is an incredible way to ensure you’re progressing towards your goals in a safe and effective manner. This is a great option for individuals nearer to the beginning of their fitness journey, those who enjoy having the human interaction and connection, and those who are looking for that extra layer of accountability and support.

This process includes:

– an initial video conferencing session to establish movement patterns and points of focus

– 2-3 weekly video sessions that mimic the style of an in person personal training session

– emphasis is placed on providing feedback and educating throughout the session so you feel empowered to continue these habits and stretches throughout the week

– sessions can be held via Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp video

While each of these methods has proven over the last month and a bit to be highly effective, the clients currently seeing the best progress, satisfaction, and sense of accomplishment are those combining both the video sessions and the monthly training.

Procedures to Protect and Serve you Moving into the Various Phases

As we near the next stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, Future Health Training is working tirelessly to support your journey while ensuring the safety of you and our community.

So, when the government allows freedom of movement, and if our Future Health Trainer deems it safe and appropriate, we will enact the following options:

  • In person sessions will take place outside: in backgardens, or local parks

  • All equipment will be provided by you the client to ensure everyone’s safety

  • Sessions will be conducted while maintaining 2m apart

  • No hands on stretching or adjustments will be made

We are currently accepting new clients. We believe in the power of movement and the best way we can support our community is to guide you towards happier movement patterns, stronger bodies and a boosted immune system!

For more information please contact us to set up a free no obligation consultation.

Written by SarahLynn Hodder

Written by SarahLynn Hodder

Personal Trainer