How does online personal training work with TrueCoach?

Once you’ve had your zoom/FaceTime consultation we will talk you through how the app works. From downloading the app onto you tablet or device to showing you how the structure of the app works. This will give you the best understanding of what to expect out of our service. It’s really straight forward to use.

Once we have sent you the invitation and you’ve downloaded the app. We will plan your workouts for the week. Giving you the opportunity to ask any questions about your workouts. You will have video demonstrations for each exercise so you know what to do when training by yourself. If after your workout you want some more input you can film the movement and we will give you feedback.

We track your variables that aline with your goals on the app. Every time you have a change or progression you can input the number. This will give you the ability to see your progress over time in a graph.

Why did we start use the TrueCoach platform?

One of the reasons we started using TrueCoach is to reach a wider audience and to help more people. Not just in our local are off Berkshire, Surrey and London but world wide. We have had a number of international clients who wanted to stay with us after moving away. The best way for us to still train them in using the app. It has been a great success so far and it will continue to do so. Training client in different parts of Europe, Africa, Middle East and even the United States is now a really easy process.

We wanted to reach a wider audience in 2019 and we have started now more than ever. Helping people with our bespoke training plans and making sure that they are looked after. People who put there trust in us to help them with their health and fitness know they are going to get a quality service.

At the beginning we wanted an easy application to use and TrueCoach did just that. It is a great piece of kit to plan all of the workouts on. It has no limitations and clients love it.

How can online personal training help you?

If you are someone who travels frequently or wants to train without and restrictions on time or place. Online personal training is something you should try to see if you can achieve more instead of doing your own gym workouts and hoping for the best. The workouts will be specific to your needs and goals. You will see a difference straight away with more structure in your training. If you have a performance goals it is a really easy way to make sure you are doing the right training regime. Giving you confidence that you are going to get better at your running, swimming, cycling chosen sport.

The ability to make our plans bespoke for clients

The biggest aspect of using TrueCoach at Future Health Training is the fact that when you sign up you know you are getting a bespoke plan. Not just one that is pre planned and sold in bulk. Your plan won’t be able to be found anywhere except for on your phone once we have put it together for you. We make sure that we get a lot of information form you to be able to create the bespoke plan. Once we have this we can do our work. However, we know that plans change as you progress so we will check in with your regularly to see if we need a tweak anything that may need changing.