Investing in your health and fitness

We all know that investing in something that grows in value is a good investment. Whether is be property, stocks or shares they will go up in value if it’s a good investment. However, you have to nurture your investments so that it goes up in value, you can’t just expect it to naturally. It is the same with your health and fitness, if you look after yourself your health will increase

What is it good to be healthy

I shouldn’t have to tell you why it’s good to be healthy. However, not everyone knows why. It’s not just about the fat that you carry on your body that determines if you are healthy. It is whether your putting the right food in your body to keep the chemical balance in harmony. To increase your heart rate when you are running for the train or bus and not feel like you are having a heart attack. And to feel energetic and powerful in the day to day tasks that you have to do.

Health at a young age

There is lots of research showing that if you are a healthy and fit individual at a your age. You will stay fit and healthy throughout life. This is due to healthy lifestyle habit being implemented throughout your childhood right into adulthood. This can be as simple as eating a healthy balance diet and exercising for fun. The importance of a child to have an active hobby or sport is so crucial for long term development. You could call this investing in your children future health.

Creating good lifestyle habits

If you create lifestyle habits that are going to maintain your health and fitness. Then you will be able to stay healthy for the rest of your life and never have to worry about going to the doctor. To be told you have heart issue because of your weight. This is something no human wants to hear. The habits dont have to be a drastic change at the start. You could incorporate walking or cycling to work and eating heathy dinners with your family. This would e a great start.

Influencing your friends and family to stay health

The last sentence brings me onto my most important issue to stay healthy. That is if you are healthy as a parent, friend or spouse the likelihood is that everyone around you will stay healthy. Your influence by just being a healthy roll model will help others around you do the same. This is why it is important to eat healthy meals as a family or couple. To workout together or show them that you are staying active works better than just telling the other you must stay healthy by doing something active. People follow by example not by being told to.

How to invest in you health and wellbeing

I’m a mobile personal trainer in Ascot and the surrounding areas of Surrey and Berkshire. Having someone coach you throughout the year that keeps you accountable to creating healthy lifestyle habits. Is the best form of investment. It is priceless to someone a year down the line who has improved every aspect of their life due to a healthy lifestyle. You could also join a gym, fitness class or train as a group if you have more time to do so. You can also improve your knowledge with food by talking to a nutritional therapist. However, you need to invest in your motivation to make it happen first. You have to take the first step so we can help you take more.