How to Increase strength with 2 workouts a week

If you are looking to increase strength but you only have a minimal amount of time to do so. Don’t use that as an excuse not to do anything. Because you can definitely achieve an increase of strength with two workouts a week. There is just a certain way to organise your workouts so that you get the body stimulated in the right way. You also have to make sure that you eat the right food to be able to increase your strength.

Make sure you train the whole body on both days

One of the aspects of training with minimal time is that you need to workout the whole body in each session. This makes sure you stimulate all the major muscle groups in your body. Make sure you have 4 movements for your legs and 4 for your upper body. Finish of your workout with 3-4 exercises for your core. Each exercise wants to be done for at least 4 sets. This will give you maximum stimulation therefore making your muscles grow and increase in strength.

Stimulate the big muscles in both sessions

Look at the big muscles in your body. For example quadriceps, glutes, chest and upper back are big areas of the body and you need to use compound movements to simulate these areas. Make sure you do this in both sessions with either different variations or similar movement patterns. When you have a personal trainer in Ascot put a programme together for you they will make sure the sessions have varied exercises. This will make sure you don’t get bored with working out.

Use compound movements

Compound movements are movements used to get stronger muscles and joints. What it means it that the movement uses 2 or more joints in your body. Making sure your kinetic chain is built using the big muscle as a unit. Instead of isolation movements which only use one joint and not as many muscles. Using compounds make sure you have covered all the right muscles decreasing the amount of time in the gym. However, isolation movements are great to increase isolated strength or improve strength if you have a specific injury.

Strength sets on one day and hypertrophy sets on the other

  • Day 1 = Strength sets day

Strength sets are exercises done for less reps with a higher weight and more sets. For example “BB back squats 5×5”. Pick one of your days and make sure you stimulate the muscle in this way. Only do this if you know the specific movement pattern and don’t need any coaching on technique.

  • Day 2 = Hypertrophy sets day

Hypertrophy sets are exercises done for more reps with a medium weight with less sets. For example “DB Bench press 3×12”. The other day should be set out like this to make sure you are building the muscle as well as strengthening them.

With these two workout each week you will be sure to gain strength and change your physique. Lift your weights and train smart.