It’s 7 am Monday morning. After jumping in the car and starting the engine, Harry makes his way to the gym. He arrives, says hello to Jane, the receptionist, gets warmed up and follows his usual Monday morning exercise routine. After the workout, he stretches, gets dressed and heads onward to the office feeling wonderful. 

This feeling of greatness endures throughout Harry’s day impacting all of the people around him. 

He feels more focused and more productive choosing the smoothie over the croissant during his break. 

As his day progresses he catches himself thinking “wow, today feels so productive, I have managed to achieve so much in such a short space of time”. 

After his day at work, he brings this feeling of greatness home with him, has a fabulous conversation with his partner, a wonderful dinner, spends some time with his two kids and retires into the evening feeling fulfilled, knowing full well, he won the day. 

How could we possibly make this day any better? 

What isn’t discussed in Harry’s average Monday was his dream of running a marathon. 

He has been going to the gym 4 times a week for months, doing the same routine, the same exercises and the same stretches without realising he must adapt his routine to develop his physique, combining his strength for optimal performance.

After this realisation, he spends many hours looking at videos, watching other athletes and speaking to friends about how he can improve his strength and endurance. 

He changes his routine a little yet finds himself falling back into old gym habits very quickly. 

A month later he meets up with Tim for a pre-planned Saturday morning half-marathon. 

After 5 km, he finds himself feeling tired and out of breath. He stops running, sits down panting wandering to himself… “I don’t understand, I have been training so hard every morning yet can’t seem to maintain my endurance”. 

He looks up at his friend, still jogging on the spot waiting for him to catch his breath. 

The first thought that comes to his mind is “How is Tim eager to get going when I am here gasping for air. 

He asks and Tim replies. 

“I spend a long time attempting to do everything myself, watching videos, asking people until I realised the only way to truly achieve my goal is to contact a professional and have a program created specifically for me and my aspirations”

Harry replies, feeling a little silly… 

Wow, that makes total sense. I can’t believe I’ve been so blind thinking I knew best all this time. 

After they’ve both finished running. Tim passes Harry the details of his coach from Future Health Training. 

Harry doesn’t hang around. He gets on the phone the following day to find out what they can help him with and soon organises his consultation session and tailored marathon focused exercise routine. 

Three months pass. 

Harry followed his tailored program, added a few personal coaching sessions for good measure and signed up for the London Marathon. 

On race day, Harry’s feeling positive. He hasn’t ran a marathon before yet finds himself excited with a strong feeling of inner confidence. 

The race begins, he steadily makes it past 5km, 10km, 15km to 42 finishing the race with ease whilst feeling strong in his stride. 

What an incredible result. 

Attempting to do everything yourself, not developing exercise targets and not understanding the importance of variety are three of the most common mistakes made by people attempting to lose weight, exercise and achieve results. 

Had Harry contacted a personal trainer sooner and had a tailored routine created for him. Not only would he have saved himself heaps of time, but he would have completed his goal sooner and with great strength. 

Let’s talk a little about Future Health Training. 

Our tailored exercise programs are made to measure.

To fully understand your goals, dreams and exercise aspirations, upon request, you will have a consultation with a trained member of our team. 

After we have established these core principles, we’ll set you up with a tailored program to get the ball rolling. 

As you progress and begin to outgrow your program, we’ll develop the routine with you to keep you challenged, growing and focused, bringing you to your desired body/exercise goals efficiently and in record time. 

Remember… not only are you training your body but are also training your mind to understand the importance of varying exercise routines, resilience and commitment. 

Don’t make Harry’s mistake and give us a call today to see how we can help you achieve those long-awaited dreams and aspirations.