Best at home exercises with minimal time

Lately I have been doing some more at home workouts because I’ve realised I have less time than I used to. So these at home exercises help me with my time management. I noticed that I was spending quite a lot of time going to and from the gym. This is time that can be used to produce content for my audience or working on planning session for my personal training client in Windsor.

Do you need to workout from home

If you are a busy person or you work from home and you need to capitalise on your time. These at home exercises can be used to produce a stimulating workout that you don’t need to go to the local gym for. This is one of the reasons I’m a mobile personal trainer. I have many client that workout from home so they can get on with other day to day tasks. However, they know that health and fitness is a key aspect of living a healthy life so they have a trainer bring the gym to them.

These following home exercises will give you a fantastic workout all from the comfort of your garden or home gym. Especially now that the weather is getting better it’s brilliant to workout outside.

DB/KB Squat and press

The kettlebell squat and press is the first on my list of exercise. The movement targets many areas of the body making the workout that you’re doing so much better. You will be training your legs, core and your arms all in one movement.

KB Swings

The KB swing makes sure you get a little bit of hip extension for power production in your at home workout. You can do two types of swings, American or Russian. They both work the whole body and get your heart rate up quite high quite quick.

KB Squat clean

Now if you’ve ever done olympic lifting you would know of a barbell squat clean. This is the at home variation of the same movement just using kettlebells. You might not get the same stimulus as the barbell version. However, it is another brilliant full body movement and can be done as a complex before the squat and press.

Lunge Variations

I’ve added lunges into this list of exercises because lots of people have muscle imbalances. Muscle imbalances are developed over time from holding a bag all on one side or using your dominant leg more than the other. Therefore, the many variations of the lunge are brilliant to add to the list of at home exercises. You can do reverse, forward, side or even curtsy lunges.


I had to add in a pull for the upper body so that you maintain correct posture. Even though you are doing at home workouts you need to make sure you stimulate all the muscles in the body. Otherwise, if you over stimulate the anterior muscles you will end up very kyphotic. Which isn’t good for your posture.

Press up variations

Now because I’ve got a pull for the posterior chain I need to make sure a push for the anterior chain is in there for you. For this I have got the press up, this is the king of home exercises that many use. The press up can be used in man ways, you can do close grip, wide grip or neutral grip. Most importantly, you need to make sure your elbows are tucked closer to your body so you use the correct muscles and don’t injure your shoulders.


Last but not lease, I have added skipping to the list. This is another at home exercises that you can use for foot speed or a cardio workout. You have to look after your heart throughout life. Although the full body movements will get your heart rate up. You can put certain exercise together to give your body a PHA (Peripheral Heart action) stimulus.

How would a personal trainer put the exercises together?

If you are wanting to get an aerobic and anaerobic workout I would put the home exercises in tri-sets. Add in a small core exercise in the middle of the two big movements.  I would put a full body exercise then a small core exercise followed by either an upper or lower body movement depending on if the first exercise was more leg or arm work.

Or you could do full body supersets by picking two exercises or two working a same area of the body. Doing them one after another in a set with minimal rest in-between. For example, Press ups and KB row superset.

These two types of training approaches help to stimulate the body with minimal time usage. If you need help with training fill in the contact form or call us on the number at the top of the page.