Harnessing the power of resting your body

I’ve been a personal trainer for over a decade now and I’ve noticed a number of aspects related to improving health and well-being that most people overlook. Most people think very outwardly towards their goals with achievements they can see. You can see your body and diet change. The more you put into achieving that goal the better it becomes. However, it’s certain aspects of your health that can’t be seen. The unseen aspects have a direct correlation towards your main goals. This is where resting your body comes to mind.

You might not know it yet but managing your rest as a human being has great health benefits. If you can relax in the evening, you’ll then be able to have a great night’s sleep. Therefore, you’ll be able to train harder and have more energy for your day to day.

If you know your body well and you know what it needs to rest effectively then you have a super power many try to dream about. Your body is a vessel that needs nourishing, relaxing, meditating and caring for. If you aren’t looking after your body by making sure you are getting proper rest. It will be the area that is holding you back from success.


You might be thinking how to I get a good night’s sleep. This thought has crossed a lot of people’s minds. If you aren’t getting enough quality sleep it can cause weight gain, stress, anxiety, depression, low mood etc. You want to try and avoid these aspects of life because they can be hard to reverse. The following are my best ways to resting your body and getting a good night sleep:

  • Avoid caffeine after midday, it takes time for caffeine to leave your system. you need to give your body a good amount of time before getting into bed.
  • Nourish your body, making sure that your body has got all the vitamins and minerals it needs to lease the correct hormones to get to sleep. You can test your blood work to find out what you need to add to your diet.
  • Keep active and outdoors, going for a walk in the morning can help you reset your circadian rhythm by seeing the sunlight and moving at the same time.

If you follow even the 3 tip’s you’ll find yourself getting a better night’s sleep. It will help you become more consistent with a great night’s sleep and will do wonders for other areas of your health.


It today’s society especially in the west. Relaxing is seen as a bad thing because you aren’t being producing or producing something of merit. However, I believe having some time for yourself and not doing anything can have great health benefits. Relaxation can reduce your cortisol levels in your body which can make you loose weight and help you sleep. The following are great ways to relax and unwind, some of these you might want to implement into your daily life:

  • Going to sit in the sauna or steam room.
  • Reading a book
  • Going on a morning walk in the woods
  • Having a bath
  • booking in for massage or a relaxing treatment.
  • getting your daily sun light exposure.

General conclusion

As a personal trainer who has been training people in and around Berkshire and Surrey for over a decade. I have an impact on my clients lives way beyond what you can see on the surface. I want to make sure that all the pillars of health and wellbeing are met. Hence why resting your body is a big part of my coaching approach. I know where the results can diminish and I know where and when your body can give you the best results. The main conclusion is to harness and target all areas of your health.