What do you want out of a gym in Windsor?

Lots of people find it hard to find a gym that they like in Windsor. There are many aspect you will be thinking about. Do they have friendly classes and personal trainers that can help you? Are you able to enjoy yourself whilst at the gym? You will have to try new facilities and classes out to find these aspects. The one thing you need to think of is if you’re the right fit. Some places are specific to a certain individual, whilst others are brilliant for all. Are you looking for a specialist gym or are you looking for a place that makes you feel welcome? All these questions need to be found out before you make a commitment. Because there isn’t any point in joining one that you don’t enjoy.

Friendly staff

Are the staff tat work there friendly. This is a great concern for many gym goers. the reason being is that you might not be comfortable yet to walk into a fitness facility by yourself. SO you might need a helping hand from a friendly member of staff. To show you around the facility and to show you how to use the equipment. They wont be able to show you how to use everything because there are many exercise out there. However, they will be able to get you started.

Knowledgable personal trainers and staff

For you to be able to call upon a personal trainer in your Windsor gym to train you. Is worth so much towards your fitness journey. You will start to use free weights and body weight movements correctly. It’s something everyone should consider when going to the gym for the first time. If you train with them for a year you will be taught how to train your body for the rest of your life. With this investments it will pay dividends for many years to come. You wont regret starting with a trainer.


The community at the gym has to be one that you fit into well or one that you like. Or see yourself getting on with. This is about the people who go there. The people make the community. Therefor, it is important to get to know some the people around you. I’ve tried many gyms in the Windsor area. Some are good and some are bad, for their own reasons. However, when you walk into one and someone recognises you and greets you like a friend would. This is something special. I found this at Five Star Health and Fitness, a small gym with a community based feel to it. If you’ve been to many and you feel like you just walk though the door and walk out after your workout. It’s not going to be a great for you.

Friendly environment

As I’ve mentioned above a gym is all about the people who go there. You might not like going to the gym, but you might like seeing your personal trainer at the gym. Or going to a bootcamp class with all you new friends in it. The environment has to feel friendly. You might not even go to the gym with your PT, you might go to a boot camp or park outside of a gym setting. These are all classes where people make the environment. Without them there you wouldn’t feel like going. So find a PT or class in Windsor that you like to go to and make it part of your routine.