When the weather starts to turn and leaves start to fall. We as humans have this sudden urge to stay inside, cook comfort food and watch Netflix in the evenings. However, now the evening start a lot earlier meaning you stay inside a lot more than in the summer. To some this can be detrimental to their health and wellbeing. The term SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is usually thrown around this time of year. Lots of people suffer from it but have no idea on what to do to lessen the effects on themselves. I’m going to give you 4 of my best tricks to get out of your comfort zone during the winter.

Number 1. Eating a diet high in vitamin D

As the sun is lower you won’t be able to get much vitamin D into your body from the sun. The other ways you can get more vitamin D is by eating more in your diet. You’ll find fish, red meat, liver, egg yolks, mushrooms and some vegetable are high contenders. The other way is to supplement you vitamin D. Find a supplement company with high reviews and also make sure that the supplement complex included vitamin K2. The K2 will help direct the vitamin d to the right areas of the body.

Number 2 Get outside when the sun is at it’s highest

You might feel sluggish and not very motivated during the winter months. One of the best ways to help this feeling is to get outside to enjoy the sunlight when it is highest in the sky. The sun doesn’t stay out long and therefore you must seize every opportunity to get out in it. This will set your circadian rhythm so that you’ll have a better nights sleep. Therefore, making sure that you aren’t tired during the winter months.

Number 3 Start running or walking in the day

This way you get your body moving earlier in the day and you get to enjoy the fresh air the morning brings. You will start to feel more motivated once you’ve done this for a couple of months. You’ll feel less stagnant starting the day which will give you a boost to continue with what is important to you. If this is something your starting to do on a regular basis you will also see a difference in your body. You will feel more mobile and feel like your body fat will decreased. This benefit will make you feel better and regulate your body in a number of different ways.

Number 4 Strength training to release endorphins for better sleep

Getting your strength training sessions done earlier in the day will make you feel great for the rest of your day. On the days that your body has done a strength training session it will feel easier to go to sleep. Your body has used energy throughout the day instead of going to bed with that energy. Which will make it easier to get a full night of rest.

The other benefits of strength training are that it will push you out of a comfort zone every time you do a session. Whether you are increasing the weight or increasing the volume of repetitions. It will push you further towards your goals. Doing this in the winter can be a lot harder to accomplish because you have the added obstacle of how the winter may make you feel. Regardless of that a strength session will always benefit your muscles, bone density, mobility and your heart. All you have to do is make the first step.

The next steps

If you are looking for some help in the winter months to push you out of your comfort zone and inspire you. I would consider hiring a personal trainer that can help you with the above objectives. It’s an easy process that will benefit you. Take a look on Google in your local area to see what is available to you. Give them a call or email them with some details of what you want to achieve.