Intro to Exercise through personal training

Exercise can be very daunting and it you start to think that it’s always hard work. You are thinking about it in the wrong way. Exercise is about small and gradual progression through time. The more often you exercise or train the better you will become slowly. If you think it’s all going to happen overnight, it wont. so it will start to feel even more overwhelming. As an experienced Windsor based personal trainer I can tell you that if you keep trying and start to enjoy exercise it wont feel like a chore.

Walking to stay mobile

If you are new to exercise this is the best option to start with. Walking is a great way to start moving because its low impact and can help you increase heart rate at a comfortable pace. It will increase the amount of cals your body burns and you can make daily goals on how many steps you complete per day. I would aways advise my clients to start walking if they have just started training.

Weight training do decrease muscle and bone wastage

Weight training is the best exercise to keep the muscle strong all over the body. Training with weights is usually looked at something you don’t want to do because it looks hard. People get scared or what it can do to the body. Any personal trainer will tell you it is the best exercise for the body to increase muscle mass as your body gets older. I say this because once you get past 40 your body will naturally break down the muscle mass on your body. This can be scary and one of the ways to help is weight training so get the dumbbells out. It also increases your metabolic rate meaning you can consume more cals.

Jogging to help with cardiovascular health

Jogging in a group or with a partner can be a great way to progress from your walking. You don’t have to go straight into it and run jog 10k. However, you can jog for 1 minute and then walk for 3 minutes. As you get better you can increase the jogging and minimise the walking. Jogging this way will increase your cardiovascular health, keeping your heart healthy throughout life.

Yoga and stretching to help with mobility

With yoga you can do it anywhere, some people think you need to go to a class or spend at least an hour. Obviously you need to know the basics before you start doing it yourself but once you know a little you can practice at home. You don’t have to spend an hour, you can spend 20 minute a day on stretching and bending in ways you’ve been taught by your yoga instructor or personal trainer. For example, last night I did a 20 minute stretch session with my partner and I felt so much better afterwards. So, you can do this to.

Specific conditioning to help with balance

A personal trainer can help you with your exercise goals. Whatever you need, we can help you. So if you have trouble balancing there is a number of ways to train so you don’t feel like you’re going to fall over. We will start with making sure your muscles are strong and mobile and then we will add in balance exercises. These include balancing on one leg, balancing under tension and balancing on an unstable surface.

Swimming and aqua movements to help mobility

The swimming pool can be a great area to do CV work and mobility work. Just last one of my client asked if we could use the pool for some mobility work. I thought it was a great idea. Moving in the pool is so much better for the joint. Because of the less impact it can help with balance and mobility under tension. It’s all about keeping moving, if you feel tight you should move. It doesn’t matter how old you are. You will be surprised at what you can do.

In search for a Windsor mobile personal trainer?

If you are looking for a Windsor based experienced personal trainer who can help you with all of the above. We would love to hear from you. Contact us today via email of phone and we can chat through what your goals are and how you can get there. Exercise doesn’t have to be daunting if you have a personal trainer in your corner.