As all the gyms around the country start to open up again and invite people to workout in their facilities. There might be a big part of you that will says no to going back to how you used to keep your body in good health. Not because it was bad and the covid 19 virus is going to get you in an area with lots of people passing through it. But because you have felt the effects from working out at home and doing other activities that make you feel much better in your mind and body.

In my opinion gyms can be very clinical places which are great for strength training and body building. However, for the vast populations how strong does someone have to be and what is considered being healthy? I get asked this question a lot and technically it’s really easy to answer and deep down you have found the answer to health in the last 5 months of lockdown. This can be because you have had to do something different to stay fit. And during that time you may have realised that going to the gym everyday for your exercise or movement may not be for you now you’ve had a chance to see what else there is on offer.

A healthy body moves every day

If you move every day you will feel a whole lot better than if you don’t. Moving in the form or walking or running is so good for the body that it should be part of your daily routine. This gets the blood flowing and most of the time will get you outside in the sun and in natural environments. Which will give you the ability for hormone production, vitamin d absorption, better mental health, muscle use and organ use. Some of these things we would have got in a gym but some we wouldn’t. For example, we defiantly wouldn’t of absorbed vitamin d in the gym and that’s a vital vitamin for bone destiny and how we feel.

A healthy body is strong

If you do weights and can lift your body weight in different ways you are considered strong. For example, performing a full push up or sit down stand up on one leg. However, now a lot of people have purchased a lot of gyms equipment to do their training at home they don’t need to go to the gym anymore. Whereas, they still need a mobile personal trainer to come to the house to make sure they are doing workouts correctly. This is where Future Health Training comes in, we have spoken to a lot of people who would rather workout at home or in the park even if they don’t have all the kit. As an establish fitness company who bring all the equipment to your house. We are all set up to offer this service to keep your body strong and fit.

We make sure that you’re able to perform functional strength movements in a safe way all from the comfort of your home.

A healthy body can run, walk, cycle or swim

These above maybe some of the activities that you may have done through lockdown and started to enjoy. All of these activities are done outside and therefore make you feel great afterwards. Being outside whilst working out in the fresh air and the sun can have great benefits. I feel like a lot of people started doing these activities with or without their families. There is something you can’t ignore about being active, showing your children how to stay healthy all whilst having a great time.

A healthy body can do activities like climbing, SUP boarding, Canoeing etc

You might have found a new love for something new that gives you a workout but also makes you feel happy. So many go throughout life trying to lose weight or gain a physique that is unattainable. When all they had to do it something fun that was good for their mind, body and soul. And the only way you’ll be able to find a potential passion is by trying new activities. This is the hardest process because we as humans don’t like to put ourselves out there. This is one thing that I like to encourage as a trainer and coach. If I can make sure that my clients are doing there workouts and taking advantage of other fun activities. I know that there progress to a healthier lifestyle is way on the way.

A healthy body is mentally healthy

If you feel good from doing any of the above you have the best chance of being mentally healthy. Mental health is a big thing and has been for many years. With exercise and activity playing a big part in how people feel mentally. It is vital to give you the best equation to make sure your headspace is in good health. If you regularly move and exercise, eat a healthy diet, talk to people who can help you, get sun light and fresh air. You are going to have a better chance of feeling great. Next time you are feeling down, remember to try and move by exercising to see if it make a difference. However, like everything you have to be consistent.