Start to change your life

Wanting to change your life for the better can be a daunting thought on the surface. However, if you know exactly what to start with it will feel less of a daunting thought. In the following list of advice you’ll see what you’ll be able to start to help you on the path to changing your life. But before that you need to look at yourself now and look at what you want to become. You need to have a vision and sell that desired outcome to yourself to make it work. Most people buy into a vision and do the work because the vision pulls them there.

1. Start Lifting weights

The first piece of advice is to start lifting weights, this will change your life from the beginning. You’ll start to feel stronger, leaner and more balanced. However, don’t just go the gym and expect results. You must have a plan and execute that plan every week. Start with all the main movements that your body can do. Squatting, deadlifting, pushing, pulling, dragging and carrying are some of the movements you can start with.

Another way to start lifting weights is to get in contact with a personal trainer or coach like myself. Getting a personal trainer will give you the knowledge and the confidence that you’re doing it right.

2. Walk every day

Walking everyday will become your daily activity and you shouldn’t go a day without some movement. Find at least 3 walks that are around 3-5k in length. You’ll then want to start to rotate these walks throughout the week so that they don’t get boring. I would find a wooded area, an open area, and a park to start with. The closer to your home the better. Walk them in the morning before work and this will give you a sense of achievement before your day has even started.

3. Eat your protein, fruit and vegetables

In todays society with all the crap foods around. Enticing us to buy it because it tastes good and you think you’ll be fulfilled from it. Is a lie, all the big companies want to do is make money and that’s it. Fulfilling your nutritional needs are not on their list of concerns. The best way to have a healthy diet is to eat as naturally as possible. Eat your in season fruits and vegetables that have a high nutritional profile. You can source your protein from regenerative farms to make sure that the protein is high quality and sustainably produced. This is the best way to get the protein you need into your body. Protein is the building blocks of life and you need it in your diet.

4. Get 8 hours of sleep per night

Getting sleep at night allows your body to heal and balance out your hormones. This is the time your body needs to repair itself, restore and energise for the next day. If your body doesn’t get enough sleep the side effects may be poor memory, less focus, weakened immune system and your mood can change. As you can see sleeping has a huge impact on our day to day life. So, make sure you get enough sleep at night so that you can function properly and be your best self.

5. Find great friendships

Now one thing about making great friendships is that you have to work at them. In todays world it can be hard because if you’re a busy adult it may not be on your list of priorities. However, if you have a small group or even a friend that you meet up with on a regular basis. It can greatly increase your quality of life because you are doing what you where made to do. Creating a friendship can release oxytocin into your body which is the hormone that is released when you trust someone. Oxytocin then creates an add on effect of serotonin and dopamine release. These are feel good hormones that you naturally have in your body.

Last note:

If you’re looking for help to change your life in term of health and wellbeing, we offer coaching and training. We’ll come to your home or business and work with you on a 121 basis. It is an investment from you but it will pay dividend in all areas of your life.