How to develop health at an older age.

There are many people who consistently work throughout life not putting any dedicated time into their health and wellbeing. This usually comes from an unhealthy work life balance where you’re working more than looking after yourself. This sort of lifestyle maybe good for your financial freedom. However, you want to make sure you have both for when you get to the time in your life when you don’t want to work as much. We offer mobile personal training in London, Berkshire, and Surrey to people who want our help to develop health/lifestyle habits.

Start slow

My first point is to start slow, starting slow allows you to organise your schedule and time around what you should be doing to improve your health and wellness. This could be by adding in extra walking and sorting out your food that you eat on a weekly basis. Because if you start to change too much in your life it can be overwhelming which can lead to quitting or not doing anything for a dedicated amount of time.

Consistency is the key

Whatever you start with keep it consistent. Your body will love you for it. Keep up an exercise regime every week will help you develop muscle and fitness. However, if you don’t consistently train you might fall out of the habit. Which will lead to you having to start all over again. Slow down but never stop your routine once you’ve implemented one into your life. It is harder to get back on track.

Don’t go all in straight away

When starting your health and fitness journey you have to build up to the point when you are training at a high level.  You won’t be able to sustain your training if you are training to hard straight away but doing things that your not capable of yet. Start with a walking, eating healthy and gradually improving your ability to lift weights with 2 sessions a week. Slowly progress from here, and even if that feels too much start with sorting out the food you eat. Your health is not a race to be won in front of others. it is a gradual progression for yourself to master.

Work on training what your body is in need of

  • If you have tight muscles, start with trying to improve your flexibility and mobility. This will make sure you can move properly when starting to add weights into your training.
  • If you need to maintain or increase muscle mass on your body, start by adding in some weight training sessions. These sessions can help you grow older and be strong so you can do the normal everyday tasks without strain.
  • If you need to improve your cardiovascular health, then start by walking. Then build in some more intense sessions once you are more comfortable with controlling your heart rate.

How Future Health Training can help you develop health

At FHT we train many people who are looking to improve the aspects bullet pointed above. We work with individuals who want to improve there knowledge and ability to make their body perform better as their life goes on. Creating a better timeline for themselves without bad health implications. We will help you improve your fitness, strength and mobility in a way that is specifically sustainable for you. If you are looking for 1 to 1 training or online training, we can do both.