Things to look out for when buying gym shoes

There are many aspects to a gym shoe or training shoe that you need to look out for. This can have an impact on bones and joints if you don’t get the right pair. Therefore, you should do some research into what shoes to get so you don’t injure yourself later on down the line for not getting the right advice. If you are a runner you will need different ones to someone who is strength training or olympic lifting in the gym. So, bear in mind what activity you are doing determines what shoes you get.

Ankle support

There are many trainers out there that are now called fashion trainers. These will be laking some vital parts that makes up the support and structure of a trainer. For example, on the heel you will find no hard supportive plate that runs around your heel. This support is vital if you don’t want to roll your ankle when running or jumping. Look out for this next time you buy your next pair.


With some activities you will need cushioning in a lot of areas for your own needs. If you get bad heels or sore arches you will want cushioning to minimise the outcome. You will find with fashion trainers you will get blisters or pains in areas that you wouldn’t if you researched what shoes are best for your feet. There are a number of running specialist shoe fitters who help people get the right trainers before exercise. However, don’t always get the same shoes every time you need a new pair. Because changing your shoes can strengthen other areas of your body that you wouldn’t of used with other shoes.

Foot lock down

This is a relatively new concept and works so well with every shoe. It is how the laces on your shoes lock your foot in place so it is comfortable to run or play sport without much movement. Minimising the amount of blisters you may get from constant friction. It also makes you feel like you can run and jump with more confidence because your foot doesn’t lose any power through slipping in your shoes.

Sole type

With some sports like olympic lifting you will want a hard heel and there are specific trainers that you can buy for these sorts of movements. However, an olympic lifting shoe wont be any good for running or jumping so then you would need something with a softer shock absorbing sole. Then again if you want to do usual gym training there is another type of shoe that you can buy. These will be under the training section on any Nike, Adidas or Reebok website.

Personal trainers note

As a personal trainer in Ascot, I like to make sure that my clients are equipped with the right training gear for the job. Therefore, if I see any client struggling with pain through the knees or feet. I make sure that I have told them about what shoes to purchase. This decreases the risk of injury and increases there success rate.