What are the benefits of group training?

There are many benefits of group training the first being that you’re not going to train alone. This makes training a lot easier to accomplish. In short, humans are a social species that like to work as a team. It has been like this for millennia so it ingrained in our DNA. We have also been known to be more successful through working as a team. For example, in any team sport whenever one player decides to go it alone to try and score it doesn’t work. Whereas, if they worked as a team it would be much easier to succeed. The same applies to personal training and group training.

More motivation

You will have more motivation to go and do a training sessions because you want to be part a group and not left out. It also makes you not want to be the one you let everyone else down by not showing up. If you’re at the end of a set and you are struggling to get the last rep out the group will spur you on to complete it.

Less likely to give up

You are less likely to stop training because instead of just going to the gym to workout. You’re actually going to the gym or personal trainer to see your friends as well. This makes it easier to go and take part in a group training session. Because you don’t want to get others asking you where you were the week after.


You will be held accountable for turning up and that’s the biggest hurdle to jump over. As long as you turn up, work out and complete it you will succeed. So when you’ve got home from work and you don’t feel like doing the group training session a participant will call you or txt you to make sure you’re coming.


It is fun to complete an exercise session as a group or a couple. You laugh at each other and spur each other on to go past their comfort zone. Small encouragement from your peers can help a great deal. However, laughing together can have such a great impact on your mood that you won’t want to stop exercising just because of the way it makes you feel. And not by the way it makes you look.


You obviously get support from personal trainer who is there to coach you through and make sure everything is done in a safe manner. As well as make sure you’re having a great session. However, group training is brilliant for another type of support network. When you’re not feeling it you’ll have all the group members to pick you up and support you.

Personal trainers point of view:

As a personal trainer in Windsor I’ve trained groups of friends and couples. I believe this is a great way to stay fit and healthy. Instead of training for a set period of time you will start to become more consistent with your fitness development. You will push yourself further than you’ve done before because you have more than one person who’s opinion you value watching. Group training will make you feel great and as an added bonus, the price of the sessions is divided between the group.