I’m super grateful for all the client that have stuck by me and Future Health Training through this lockdown. You all adapted really well to online virtual sessions and online programming. We had to work quite quickly to make sure that everyone was happy with the type of set up that they preferred. It has been a total success and is continuing to succeed. As we start to coach more in person session we still have some clients using the online programming and remote sessions. We will keep this going even after this pandemic is over.

We wouldn’t be able to function without our great clients that we train. Therefore, we thank you all for sticking by us at this time. We will be forever grateful and will continue to give you the best personal training service. David has been working hard trying to expand Future Health Training by starting 5 new areas in London and offering a new annual package that we are putting together.

Goals for Future Health Training ltd

Over the last 10 weeks it has given David time to think about what what Future Health Training will look like in 5-10 years time. It is quite an exciting thought. Some of the ideas have come from having the time to clear my brain and really think in the moment. I’m grateful to of had this time and I have used it wisely.

Future Goals:

  • Take on trainers and coaches that are equally as passionate for health and fitness as David is. This is going to be the next step in the growth of the business.
  • Gain more clients through the annal training packages that we have started to run in our London locations.
  • A long term goals is to be able to have a private fitness facility where we can hold event and educational talks on health and wellbeing. As well as invited out client base to if they wish to train outside the home. This goal has lots of other areas that we want to grow upon so that we can share Future Health Training with the rest of the world.

What will your in person training sessions look like

We have started seeing clients in person again. Which is great and we are super grateful that the government has let us see people 1-2-1 and as small groups of up to 6. This allows us to continue our great work with present clients and new clients who come through to us. However, out sessions have guidelines that we follow and would like you to follow them too.

If you are having a training session will us these are the following guidelines:
  • If you are showing any symptoms or signs or Covid19 please let us know ASAP. This keeps everyone we are seeing safe.
  • Sessions will take place outside
  • a 2m+ distance will be held at all time during the session.
  • Use of equipment will be limited so that we don’t transfer germs to each other. If you have your own equipment this will be useful for training.
  • When we demonstrate movements and exercises we won’t be touching your equipment. We will demonstrate a movement by stating where the weight and tension will be coming from.
  • Bring you own mat as we won’t be bringing mats to our sessions at this time.

How has the first week back been?

The first week back at work delivering personal training sessions face to face has been busy. To be honest you kind of fall out of routine when your delivering sessions remotely for 10 weeks. As we are mobile personal trainers getting to and from sessions can be stressful if you aren’t used to it. Saying that it was great to get out of the house and seeing people again. There really isn’t anything else like it, training someone in person is the best way to make sure you reach your goals and make sure you are doing movements correctly. All in all we have really enjoyed our first week back and look forward to many more like it. With more clients enquiring about sessions it is a great time to be a mobile personal trainer. With lots of people not able to go to the gym as usual, there are lots more people asking for mobile personal training in the parks and open spaces. 

If you’d like more information on personal training we would love to hear from you. Please call 07826 442271 or email david@futurehealthtraining.co.uk