What would you say to your younger self about training?

As a young mobile personal trainer, I get to meet a lot of people, who are all at different stages in their life. Now that I focus on the more senior clientele, I get to hear their thoughts about what they did when they were younger and how they might have changed it. Even though, I hear about what people would say to their younger self. This post is for the people wanting to make a difference to themselves and to pass it on to a younger individual who may also benefits.

What I hear as a personal trainer

I hear “I didn’t do any exercise during my 30’s and now I’m struggling” or “I wish I told my younger self to  stay more active as a parent, it would off helped me out now”. I know you know that you have to put food on the table and support your young ones. However, if you are making your long term health worse by stressing yourself out by working too hard to always stay above. When does making enough money stop or will it go on for ever? I’m not against creating wealth.

I’m all for it, I just want to give you a different perspective. It is never too late to start training. To create a different sort of wealth. You can start young or you can start now. Just do it, get on with it and never look back. It will do you the world of good and it will help you manage all the stress you might be going through.

Start training now

If you feel like it’s too late and you’re in your 40’s. It’s not too late you have many years left and you can make them the best years of your life. By looking after your wellbeing and giving yourself some attention. This could be in the form of exercise, meditation, eating healthy, mindfulness or even a new hobby. Or you could do all of the above. In the past if I’ve trained a younger person, I have let them know to never stop their routine with exercise. Keep mobile, strong and fit no matter what it takes. Even if it’s working out for 20-30 minutes. It is still progress and if you do this 3 times a week for a year that’s 78 hours a year. It isn’t very much but it makes a hell of a difference.

How to start training

Firstly, you could invest in a Windsor based mobile personal trainer. That can tell you about what is good for you and how to start. The main thing you need to do is start of slow and gradually build up on what you have previously achieved. This is the only way to show progress in strength, cardiovascular training or mobility. It is also the small progressions that give you the biggest results. Having someone to keep you accountable can be such a good thing to keep you on your toes. If you feel like you’re one of those people who slips of the progress train.

Don’t live with regret

If you live in the past it won’t get you anywhere. Whereas if you live in the now you get the chance to change the present and the future. Don’t look too far back at your younger self because it will make you feel anxious. You want your training journey to be present and focused in the now. So that you can put all your attention into the moment when you break through your goals. Even though you might have wished you started earlier, you have started now and your future self will thank you for that.

Looking for a Windsor mobile personal trainer to help with your training?

We are a Berkshire based company. If you’re looking for a personal trainer to help with your training. We know that as you get older you can’t do as much as you used to and it will take time to get back into a routine. Helping you with this is something we specialise in. We want you to be able to feel fit and healthy so that you can live a longer life. Contact us today for your free consultation.